35 Accurate Memes And Spot-On Posts About What It’s Like Having A White-Collar Job, As Shared By An Instagram Page

Even if you don’t live in the US or work there, you can still get a sense of how bizarre American business culture is by watching movies, TV series, and other media. Because they frequently depict reality the most realistically and highlight the worst aspects of working in an office and sitting in a cubicle, we can also learn a lot from their memes.

On the other side of the globe, where summer is currently in full swing as we wait for winter, there is an Australian corporate of American corporate. Memes from the Instagram account ‘The Aussie Corporate’ are the best way to learn what it’s like and contrast it with your own experience.

The Aussie Corporate is an extremely serious meme organization that is present everywhere. Along with a website where they discuss the realities of being a white-collar worker in Australia.

1. The collaboration is just you alone

2. Lol… What a complicated feeling

3. Seems like the end of the world to me

4. It feels so enraging and yet… Calming

5. It is what it is

6. How a break turns into a ton of works waiting to be sorted

7. I couldn’t have asked for a better depiction

8. When you just have to keep things professional

9. How are you even supposed to remember everything?

10. Never underestimate a Saturday task

12. It’s better you keep to those boundaries

13. And that is how everything falls

14. You never know what is lurking around the corners

15. Lol… I laughed way too hard at this

16. How the work life is supposed to be

17. Your body clock always leads the way

18. Asking for help from someone who has never done the task before


20. People that used to compete to be the first in the office


21. Getting you more confused

22. Acting like they are the only ones with deadlines

23. The expectations versus the reality

24. It’s only work, so chill

25. When you need something to do versus when there’s actually something to do

26. I’ve been doomed by my own greatness

27. It’s a long wait because you have to think things through

28. We don’t own the planet, we belong to it

29. Oh my!

30. It can really be so annoying

31. If you’re LinkedIn, then you can definitely relate

32. Asking for a favor on a friday afternoon

33. It is never short

34. The team is sinking happily

35. Wait, what!

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