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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Poppy interrupts Luna and RJ’s private moment, altering the course of the scene

Unfolds with Steffy Forrester and Thomas Forrester responding to Ridge Forrester’s summons at Forrester Creations.

Ridge, with a somber tone, discloses that the meeting concerns the health condition of the family patriarch, Eric Forrester.

This revelation sets the stage for an emotional and challenging chapter for the Forrester family as they grapple with Eric’s uncertain fate.

Brooke Logan helped Ridge as he worked up to the crushing blow that he had to deliver.

After Ridge confessed that Eric didn’t actually win the fashion challenge, Thomas and Steffy were confused about why their dad would sacrifice his win.

Ridge said Eric was suffering from tremors and couldn’t hold a pencil, so Steffy and Thomas realized that’s why RJ Forrester agreed to help him.

Since RJ broke down and told his parents the truth, Ridge felt that Thomas and Steffy should know what Eric was facing, too.

When Ridge revealed that Eric was really sick, Steffy and Thomas wondered just how sick he was.

Ridge said Eric was dying and that he’d been good at covering up his illness since he didn’t want anyone to know.

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After Ridge confirmed the doctor’s bleak prognosis, he said they had to keep up the charade for Eric’s sake.

Thomas and Steffy cried over wanting more time with Eric, so Ridge hugged them as Brooke touched his back tenderly.

At home on Tuesday’s The Bold and the Beautiful episode, Eric gloated to someone over the phone about his couture line, but he had to hang up due to a coughing fit.

Donna Logan felt they should call Dr. Colin Colby, but Eric didn’t want to do that just so he could hear that time was running out.

After Katie Logan arrived with some fashion show updates, Eric talked about feeling vindicated since he won the challenge fair and square.

Eric also wanted to get back in the office and work on more designs since every couture line deserved an encore.

Donna reminded Eric that they talked about traveling and spending more time together, but he acted like there’d still be time for all that later.

Katie eventually brought up the idea of Eric seeking help from specialists, but he insisted he already had.

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Even so, Katie felt like they could expand the search for help worldwide or at least let Dr. Bridget Forrester weigh in.

Eric was adamant that no one else should know about his condition.

Since Eric didn’t want pity or sad faces with teary eyes, he said that wasn’t how he lived his life – and it wasn’t how he wanted his life to end either.

In the Forrester Creations design office, Luna Nozawa was giving RJ a comforting hug when Poppy Nozawa spied them from the doorway.

Luna noticed Poppy and said she thought her mom left, but Poppy admitted she’d been detained by Li Finnegan.

RJ introduced himself before Poppy confessed that she’d heard a lot about him, so RJ hoped she’d only heard good things.

After RJ talked about Luna being a valuable addition at Forrester, Poppy said she was so proud of her beautiful baby girl since Luna was realizing her dream.

However, the same couldn’t be said for Li since she wanted Luna out of the company.

Poppy was surprised to learn RJ stood up for Luna and said that was very sweet, but she still seemed a bit uneasy.

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When RJ offered to talk to Li again, Poppy blurted out a pretty forceful “no” before softening and acting like she just didn’t want him caught in the middle.

Poppy could see how happy Luna was at Forrester Creations and assumed RJ was a big reason why, but she also didn’t see Li backing down.

If this kept up, then Poppy warned that Li was going to ruin everything for Luna.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Li’s wrath is far from over, so stay tuned for all the bad news that’s brewing for her estranged family members.

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