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The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Nikki discovers an unsettling doll and experiences hallucinations of Victor’s sudden appearance

Nick Newman openly criticizes Adam Newman in his presence.

Nick strategically positions himself to potentially align with Victoria Newman in case things fall apart due to their brother’s actions.

Nick will also warn that if they don’t find a way for the three of them to work together, then Victor Newman’s going to throw them all out and clean house.

Adam will eventually decide he’s done listening to this, so he’ll make it clear that Victor’s trust is all that matters to him before he takes off.

Later, Victoria will find Victor in his office and rip into him for sending her siblings to make a pitch.

Since Victor doesn’t trust Victoria’s instincts, she’ll wonder why he even wants her at Newman Enterprises.

Victor will act like it’s what Nikki Newman wants and will hint that Victoria would have nothing without the company.

After Victor fears Victoria will spin out if she walks away, that’ll rile her up even further.

Nick will arrive as Victoria rants about Victor thinking she’ll fall apart without Newman Enterprises.

After Victoria has a big outburst and mocks Victor over his prediction, she’ll stomp off.

At the lake house, Nikki Newman will use the can opener Claire Grace left in her room to jimmy the door lock.

Once Nikki opens it, she’ll head downstairs and fail to find her phone in her purse.

Nikki will try to call for help on the landline, but Claire will sneak up behind her with a syringe and inject her in the neck.

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After Nikki falls into a nearby chair, she’ll push Claire to reveal why she’s doing this.

Claire will act like she can’t ruin the surprise before Nikki’s family gets there and will go on a tirade about how disgustingly sanctimonious they all are.

Once Claire suggests she’s waited long enough to settle the score, she’ll hint about Nikki deserving the pain of her answers when she finally gets them.

After Nikki loses consciousness, Claire will send a text saying that she handled it when Nikki got out, but she’ll need help now.

Nikki will end up back in her room with an IV connected to her hand.

When Nikki hallucinates that Victor is there, he’ll insist he’s going to get her out of there and will warn that it’ll hurt when he removes the IV.

Once Nikki snaps out of it and realizes Victor isn’t there at all, she’ll gaze over and see that Claire has left a disturbing doll on her bed.

Nikki will take a closer look at the doll with a bloody eye before tossing it away from her.

Back in Genoa City, Jill Abbott will meet with Lily Winters at her penthouse.

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Daniel Romalotti Jr. will join the conversation since Phyllis Summers found evidence of the sizable investments Tucker McCall made to Mamie Johnson’s financial firm.

Jill will call them a “match made in hell” and will feel certain they want to screw her over, so she’ll take off to confront Tucker.

Although Daniel will think it might be too early to give Devon Hamilton-Winters updates without more information, Lily will refuse to keep him in the dark.

At the GCAC, Audra Charles will break the news to Tucker about Kyle Abbott bailing on their alliance, but Tucker won’t be surprised.

In fact, Tucker will be a little disappointed in Audra for not expecting Kyle to do this.

Tucker will predict that Kyle will confess to his parents as much as his conscience will allow before Jack Abbott sends him back into the belly of the beast as a mole.

After Jill interrupts and confronts Tucker for being the man behind the curtain when it comes to Mamie, she’ll warn that he doesn’t intimidate her.

Tucker will disagree and act like Jill must be worried since his plans tend to work, but she’ll take a jab about his failure with Ashley Abbott.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle will come clean to Diane Jenkins-Abbott about nearly selling out Jack, Jabot and their entire family.

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Diane will hear about Tucker’s Jabot takeover plot and how Audra tempted Kyle with an offer to run things alongside her.

Although Kyle will feel guilty, Diane will be proud of him for not going through with it and won’t think he has to tell Jack about almost falling into the trap.

Instead, Diane will urge Kyle to see if he can find out the details of Tucker and Audra’s scheme.

After Diane says Kyle can act like that was his plan all along, Kyle will point out that it’d be a lie.

Diane will counter that it’d just be manipulating the order of events and will argue that Jack will be grateful if Kyle comes through like this.

Kyle will seem wary, but Diane will suggest this could make Jack forget about all this Billy Abbott nonsense and give his son what he really wants.

Later, fans will see several Genoa City residents sulking at separate locations, including Kyle, Adam, Victoria, Nick and Victor.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say there’s much more drama to come for the Newmans and the Abbotts, so stick with The Young and the Restless.

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