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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Hope harbors a heart-wrenching secret, prompting Carter to insist on getting answers

In the recap of The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, Eric Forrester reassures Donna Logan and Katie Logan that he has no plans of passing away today.

He is determined to concentrate on his responsibilities at Forrester Creations.

Eric tried to cover a coughing fit when Brooke Logan arrived, but he quickly headed to the office and left her to catch up with her sisters.

Meanwhile, Carter Walton interrupted Ridge Forrester’s conversation with Thomas Forrester and Steffy Forrester, so he picked up on the weird vibe in the CEO office.

Carter wanted answers about why Ridge suddenly decided to let Eric believe he won the fashion challenge, but Ridge just acted like he wanted to see his dad happy.

However, Carter felt there had to be more to it than that, so he asked if Steffy and Thomas knew why Ridge kept quiet about his victory.

Once Eric appeared, everyone clammed up about the true fashion show winner.

Eric picked up on the strange mood in the room, but he assumed Steffy and Thomas just couldn’t believe their grandfather beat the great Ridge Forrester.

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Carter admitted he was surprised by the news, but then he amended it and acted like he really wasn’t all that taken aback considering Eric’s legacy.

After Carter took off, Eric made a speech about having a lot of gas left in the tank and making sure their art at Forrester Creations was never forgotten.

Eric vowed to make the most of the days he had left and hinted about time not being on his side.

Steffy looked upset as she pushed Eric not to say that, but Eric stressed that he just wanted to fully live every day of his life until it was his last.

After Eric assured Steffy that he wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon, Ridge talked about what an inspiration his dad was to him.

Thomas also reflected on an art project that Eric helped with when he was a teenager and said it meant a lot that his grandad had always been there.

Eric had taught Thomas so much about being a designer and being a man.

Steffy remembered how excited she was to visit Forrester Creations and watch Eric create when she was a little girl.

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Eric seemed touched over all the memories and heartfelt words, so he pulled Steffy and Thomas into a warm embrace.

Back at the Forrester mansion on Wednesday’s The Bold and the Beautiful episode, Brooke made an admission to Donna and Katie about the spreading secret.

Since Ridge told Thomas and Steffy about Eric’s condition, Donna insisted Eric couldn’t know that they knew.

Once Hope Logan arrived, Donna said Brooke could give her updates as well.

Brooke confessed that Eric was very sick and added that he was dying, so Hope was in a state of shock and disbelief.

After Hope found out about the tremors and why RJ Forrester got involved on the line, she realized Eric’s terminal illness was why he called it his grand finale collection.

Hope told Donna that she was so sorry and learned Eric couldn’t know that anyone besides Donna, Katie and RJ knew the truth.

Although Hope felt that Eric needed support, Katie said they had to respect his wishes and let him keep living without sorrow or tears.

Brooke assured Hope that they’d all get through this together, so they both moved in close for a group hug with Donna and Katie.

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The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Eric’s bound to find out that so many people know eventually, so stay tuned.

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