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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas comes to Hope’s aid, saving her from Liam, while Luna successfully navigates Steffy’s test

In The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, Thomas Forrester confronts Brooke Logan, attempting to assert himself and dismiss her repeated concerns about his connection with Hope Logan.

Thomas is not interested in hearing the same objections from Brooke once again.

It’s clear that Thomas’ apologies aren’t going to change Brooke’s mind, but she’s hesitant to believe his actions either.

Thomas feels like he’s proven that he’s changed and has assured Brooke that no one’s going to get hurt in his current arrangement with Hope.

Now that Brooke has said what she came to say, Thomas will take a firmer stand against her.

Brooke doesn’t get to make choices for Hope, so she needs to accept that her daughter’s going what she wants to do with her life.

Even if Hope’s decisions turn out to be a mistake, she’s entitled to make them.

That’s something Liam Spencer needs to understand as well since he’s been berating Hope over the romantic setup he just found at the cabin.

When Liam failed to get through to Hope about Thomas, he pulled the “I still love you” card and caught Hope off guard.

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However, Hope has been burned by Liam enough times to know that his words are pretty meaningless by now.

This is just another case of Liam trying to manipulate Hope using the part of her that still misses what they used to share.

Liam may love Hope on some level, but he can’t be devoted to her – and total devotion is what Hope wants in a man.

It sounds like Hope will rip into Liam for trying to mess with her emotions, so Thomas will find her looking upset when he arrives.

Of course, Thomas will instantly go into protective mode and stand against Liam.

Hope will let herself get swept up in Thomas’ embrace, so Liam will be forced to watch before they presumably kick him out!

Next on Friday’s The Bold and the Beautiful episode, John “Finn” Finnegan and RJ Forrester will head to the beach for a swim while Steffy Forrester gets to know Luna Nozawa a bit better.

Steffy definitely likes Luna so far, but it seems she’ll still give her the obligatory big sister talk and ask what Luna’s intentions are with RJ.

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It’s early in Luna and RJ’s romance, but Luna may admit she has strong feelings for RJ and is eager to see where this might lead.

Once Steffy gets updates on Luna’s perspective, she may offer her blessing and insist that RJ falling for Luna is the best news.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Luna will pass Steffy’s test, so RJ should be happy that everyone’s getting along.

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