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The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Nikki’s IV nightmare filled with vodka – Aunt Jordan remains a grounding force for Claire

In the recap of The Young and the Restless spoilers, Claire Grace takes the opportunity to comb the hair of the unconscious Nikki Newman and reflects on what it might be like for Nikki to experience a loss of control.

Claire will suggest she’d get too emotional if she gave Nikki answers, so she’ll plan to wait for Jordan and for the big family reunion that’s coming.

According to Claire, this will be a Thanksgiving that she’s been waiting on her whole life.

Later, Nikki will wake up and find a huge bottle of vodka in bed with her.

After Nikki manages to rip out her IV, she’ll realize she feels drunk and will be horrified to discover booze was also in her IV bag.

Downstairs, Claire will pause in front of a mirror and seem uncertain of this nefarious plan.

When Aunt Jordan appears, she’ll urge Claire not to get soft on her when they’re so close to getting what they’ve waited for.

Back in Genoa City, Nate Hastings will make a pitch to Devon Hamilton-Winters, Lily Winters and Jill Abbott with Mamie Johnson by his side.

Nate will acknowledge his previous betrayal, but he’ll feel like he’s learned a lot about collaboration and will want to make a Chancellor-Winters comeback.

Devon will question what changed since Nate seemed happy at Newman Enterprises, so Nate will share the story of Victor Newman’s mental illness trick and how he was punished for trying to help him.

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There’ll be questions about whether Nate really wants to feel like part of the family again or if he’s just crawling back because needs a job.

Nate will make it clear that he wants to do things right this time and reconnect with his loved ones.

Mamie will back Nate up and give him another private pep talk once the meeting winds down.

That’ll leave Devon, Lily and Jill to debate whether they’re willing to bring Nate back into the fold.

Jill will at least be willing to consider it, but Devon will think they need to check out Nate’s story about his Newman departure first and proceed with caution.

Lily will also give Devon updates on the new evidence of Tucker McCall’s investments in Mamie’s financial firm, so there’ll be no doubt about them colluding.

At Daniel Romalotti Jr.’s new place, Summer Newman will bring a housewarming gift and face questions about her romantic interest in Chance Chancellor – especially after Chance’s hospital crisis.

Summer will act like nothing’s going to happen since Chance is with Sharon Rosales, but Daniel will hint that maybe Chance has feelings for Summer, too.

After Heather Stevens and Lucy Romalotti come bearing gifts as well, Summer will seem curious and a bit uncomfortable over Daniel’s connection with his ex.

Heather will mention her upcoming interview to join the legal team at Chancellor-Winters and will thank Chance, but he’ll feel like Lily’s the one who should get the gratitude.

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Once Summer exits on Friday’s The Young and the Restless episode, Lucy will head to her new bedroom to contemplate a mural she wants on the wall.

That’ll leave Daniel to talk with Heather alone, so she’ll question him about the intense looks Summer was giving them earlier.

Daniel will admit that Summer’s worried about him battling old demons again, but he’ll assure Heather that Summer doesn’t blame her for what happened between them.

Heather will insist she knows Daniel has changed and will hope he realizes she feels that way.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon will chat with Mariah Copeland and Tessa Porter about how Aria Porter-Copeland is adjusting to her new hearing aids.

Suddenly, Chance will appear in a sling after getting released from the hospital, so Sharon will give him a warm greeting before Mariah and Tessa tease him a bit.

After Nina Webster gets a text to meet Chance at the coffeehouse, she’ll scold him for not letting her pick him up from the hospital.

Nina will assume it was because Chance didn’t want to get nagged about leaving the police force again, but she’ll get back to nagging anyway.

Once Chance heads to Society with Sharon and Nina, he’ll thank Abby Newman-Abbott for visiting him in the hospital.

Nina will also push Abby to join them at their table so she can put Chance’s ex on the spot.

After Nina brings up the possibility of Chance leaving law enforcement, she’ll get Abby to admit she’d be all for it since she still worries about Chance – and someday, Dominic Newman-Abbott-Chancellor will worry, too.

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When Summer arrives and sees Chance, she’ll immediately walk over and gush over his hospital release.

Chance will joke about his sling getting him sympathy, so Summer will suggest it’s deserved.

Sharon will offer a dirty look over the flirty interaction, so she won’t be pleased at all over Summer and Chance’s vibe.

Abby will pick up on the vibe as well since she’ll privately ask Summer about her connection with Chance and leave Summer embarrassed over how obvious it was.

Back at Crimson Lights, Sharon will ask Chance how he really feels about possibly changing careers.

Chance will hate the idea of leaving the GCPD in a lurch, but he’ll admit getting shot is a good reason to reevaluate things.

Sharon just won’t want Chance to feel pressured into anything, so he’ll appreciate that and will promise to make the decision that’s right for him.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Chance will have to figure out what road he’s headed down, so stick with us for news on his next steps.

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