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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Liam’s declaration of love leaves Hope in shock

In the recap of The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers Brooke Logan visits the cabin and witnesses Hope Logan’s romantic arrangement.

In a sarcastic tone, she jokingly suggests bringing lingerie for Hope.

Although Brooke understood Hope’s desire to move on and even have a little fun, she asked why it had to be with Thomas Forrester.

Hope defended her bond with Thomas since she didn’t have to beg for his undivided attention and darted in the other room to finish getting ready.

Later, Hope assumed Thomas was early when she answered the door to Liam Spencer.

Liam was floored to see Hope wearing lingerie with wine, candles and flowers behind her.

When Hope asked why Liam was there, he mentioned thinking Beth Spencer might need her sleeping bag for her sleepover this weekend.

Liam asked what Hope was wearing, so Hope told him it was called lingerie!

After Liam wondered if Hope was expecting Thomas, she tried to shut the door on him and wrap up the conversation.

Liam insisted on talking about the “scantily clad elephant in the room,” so he admitted he previously didn’t think he wanted to know the details of Hope’s romance with Thomas.

Hope pointed out that Liam knew now, so she just wanted to unwind and enjoy a night with Thomas without any drama.

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Liam grew angry as he asked if Hope was even hearing herself right now, but Hope said her plans didn’t have to meet his approval.

Although Liam launched a tirade about Thomas hiding Beth’s survival and inflicting so much pain, Hope defended him as a changed man.

Hope insisted she’d changed as well and pointed to Liam’s callous reaction to her request for forgiveness as one of the reasons why.

Hope refused to let Liam judge her, but he claimed he was scared for her and suggested she should move on with someone besides Thomas.

Once Hope pointed out that Thomas didn’t have eyes for other women, she said Liam didn’t get to tell her to dump Thomas – not when Liam ran to Steffy Forrester once things got hard.

Liam said he was sorry for hurting Hope and added that they’d be connected forever through Beth.

After Liam declared that his kids were more important than anything in the world, he said he was always going to worry for them and for Hope.

“And damn if I don’t still love you…always will,” Liam said, which left Hope looking taken aback.

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At Forrester Creations on Thursday’s The Bold and the Beautiful episode, Brooke found Thomas and wanted to talk to him before his evening with Hope.

Thomas acknowledged Brooke’s misgivings about him and pointed out that Hope didn’t share them, but Brooke said that’s what worried her.

Although Thomas offered to apologize again, Brooke said that didn’t work unless he changed his behavior.

Thomas argued that he’d done that and added that Hope truly believed in him now.

Brooke claimed she didn’t want Thomas to get hurt either, but Thomas assured her that no one was going to get hurt at all.

Since Thomas was a handsome, successful man who was surrounded by beautiful women all the time, Brooke acted like he should be with one of them instead.

Thomas made it clear that he only wanted Hope, but Brooke warned that Hope would never forget the pain that he caused her family.

Although Hope was feeling lost, Brooke said her daughter would find her way back – and once that happened, this connection Thomas felt like they had would be cut.

Next, Luna Nozawa was nervous about meeting Steffy and wanted to make a good impression.

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As Luna and RJ Forrester prepared for their dinner with Steffy and John “Finn” Finnegan, RJ offered reassurance.

At the cliff house, Steffy leaned on Finn for support after giving him updates on the grim news about Eric Forrester offscreen.

Once RJ and Luna got a warm welcome, RJ revealed what a big help Luna had been on Eric’s grand finale collection.

There was talk about Eric’s terminal condition and how Luna had asked for stories about Eric’s history when he got frustrated.

Steffy thanked Luna for helping RJ carry this burden and for distracting Eric from his illness.

After takeout arrived, Finn shared a funny memory from when Luna was little as they all shared a laugh.

Steffy felt like Forrester Creations needed someone as caring as Luna, so she was excited to work with RJ again and get to know Luna more.

RJ suggested a toast to the future, so they all raised a glass.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Luna has more drama ahead of her thanks to Li Finnegan, so stay tuned.

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