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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Liam threatens custody battle over Beth, demanding Hope to choose between him and Thomas

In The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, Liam Spencer might opt for a more confrontational approach now that he’s aware of the growing closeness between Hope Logan and Thomas Forrester.

Liam tried to stay in the dark as long as possible since he didn’t think he wanted to know the full story, but now he knows the truth.

After catching Hope in lingerie at the cabin ahead of her sizzling night with Thomas, there’s no avoiding the depth of their romance.

Of course, Liam was quick to remind Hope of how Thomas worked to keep Beth Spencer’s survival quiet.

It’s funny how Liam suddenly remembers Beth exists when it’s time for another Thomas-fueled outburst!

Since Liam doesn’t want Hope involved with Thomas, he tends to use Beth as a manipulation tool.

Now that Liam’s so upset over Thomas and Hope sleeping together, he may make a bold move to try and stop their growing connection.

Will Liam threaten to take Hope to court over custody of Beth?

Liam could easily warn Hope that he’ll go after full custody of their daughter unless she dumps Thomas once and for all.

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At this point, Liam may fear that Hope could open her heart to Thomas completely and maybe even make him her new husband someday.

The idea of Thomas becoming Beth’s stepdad is enough to make Liam’s stomach churn!

Liam told Hope that he was scared for her and expressed concern about Beth as well, so all this could be building to a fierce The Bold and the Beautiful custody feud.

Perhaps Liam will push for full custody of Beth and hope it’s enough to convince Hope to cut Thomas out of the picture.

Liam may only be willing to back down if Hope puts Thomas in the rearview mirror romantically.

It’s clear that Liam isn’t afraid to use pretty much any tool necessary to get what he wants – even a judge in a courtroom.

That could mean bad news for Hope and Thomas’ relationship depending on how everything plays out.

Liam may think he can make a strong case for why Hope should lose Beth since she’s in too deep with Thomas, who has a twisted history of messed-up behavior.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Liam and Hope have more conflict ahead of them, so stick with us for updates on all the chaos.

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