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The Young And The Restless: Michael Damian Announces An Upcoming New Film

Attention “The Young and the Restless” enthusiasts! Michael Damian, known for his role as Danny, is set to deliver double holiday cheer

His newest film, “A Paris Christmas Waltz,” stands as the highlight.

This anticipated movie is set to premiere on the Great American Family Network on Sunday, November 19.

Collaborating with his gifted wife, Janeen, Damian has weaved a narrative that blends romance, dance, and the enchanting spirit of the holiday season.

A Parisian Holiday Romance Unveiled

Step into the enchanting world of “A Paris Christmas Waltz,” where the story centers around Emma.

Jen Lilley, celebrated for her role as Theresa in DAYS, brings her ever-talented presence to breathe life into the character.

Emma, an accountant feeling stuck in her routine, discovers excitement.

This happens when she meets Leo, played by the charismatic Matthew Morrison (known for his roles in AS THE WORLD TURNS and GLEE).

Damian provides a sneak peek.

He mentions, “Leo invites Emma to be his dance partner, becoming her mentor and setting the stage for a heartwarming holiday romance.”

Michael Damian

Meanwhile, the charm of Paris, often called the most romantic city globally, sets the stage for this cinematic delight.

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Filmed during the summer, the movie magically captures the winter wonderland of a chilly December.

Also, Damian proudly shares the magic behind the scenes.

“We decorated iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Alexander Bridge, adding to the festive ambiance.”

A touch of Hollywood magic, combined with an unexpected cold snap, creates the perfect setting for a Christmas romance to unfold.

Damian, showing versatility, not only directed but also took on the roles of writer and singer.

His original composition, “Christmas Time Is Here,” features prominently in the film.

Additionally, it is part of his upcoming album, the Michael Damian Christmas Album.

The Young and the Restless: Dancing through the Holidays

Michael Damian, recognized for his roles in romance and dance during his time on Young and the Restless, shares his delight.

He expresses joy about this film being another chapter in his holiday “journey.”

Collaborating with Jen Lilley and Matthew Morrison, Damian praises the on-screen duo’s great chemistry and dynamics.

Beyond showcasing their dancing skills, the actors surprise audiences with their vocal talents in an MGM-inspired musical number.

Moreover, Damian explains, “It pays homage to those great movies of the past, a spectacle rarely seen in modern times.

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We thought, Why not bring back that classic charm to the streets of Paris in 2023?” Looking beyond their present success

Damian and Janeen are already dreaming up the next installment of their Christmas Waltz franchise.

Also, their wish list of A-list collaborators includes names like Emma Stone, Matthew McConaughey, Ryan Gosling, Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, and Reese Witherspoon.

Michael Damian

Furthermore, the couple engages in light-hearted banter, playfully tossing around ideas for the next romantic comedy setting.

They suggest “Christmas in Beverly Hills” or perhaps a “Rodeo Waltz” down Rodeo Boulevard.

As the premiere of “A Paris Christmas Waltz” approaches on Great American Family on Sunday, Nov.

19, at 8/7c, Michael Damian invites soap opera enthusiasts and holiday lovers alike to waltz into a cinematic experience filled with romance, dance, and the allure of the City of Lights.

Beyond the screen, there is an anticipation for future festive tales.

Dream collaborations with Hollywood’s finest add an extra layer of excitement.

Get ready to be swept away in a festive whirlwind as Michael Damian continues to weave his magic into the holiday season.

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