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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Liam inquires about Hope’s contraceptive use,bringing Thomas’s dream to fruition

Brooke Logan believed that Hope Logan was still grieving the end of her marriage.

According to Brooke, if Thomas Forrester were genuinely considerate of that, he would give Hope the space she needs.

Thomas argued that Hope would ask for space if she wanted it.

Furthermore, Thomas felt that Hope deserved a man who’d be completely devoted to her – unlike Liam Spencer.

Brooke knew Hope indeed deserved someone whose heart wasn’t divided, but she didn’t think Hope would ever love Thomas back.

Thomas, on the other hand, chose to believe he had a future with Hope and that she might fully open her heart to him.

Liam and Hope acknowledged that they were always going to care about each other.

However, Hope felt that Liam would have to accept that she had a life now without him.

Liam said he’d never stop loving Hope and didn’t think she’d ever stop loving him either.

Hope pointed out that they’d always have a connection through Beth Spencer, so Liam took another jab about Thomas letting them believe their daughter didn’t survive.

Hope didn’t want to live in the past and said she was taking things day by day with Thomas, so Liam assumed that meant they were just hooking up.

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Liam didn’t think that’s the kind of person Hope was, but she suggested he didn’t know her and maybe never did.

Thomas put Hope’s wants, needs and desires first – and he loved her for them.

Since Hope and Liam ended their relationship, she said he didn’t get to dictate what her life should look like.

Liam reiterated his disapproval of Hope moving on with Thomas, but Hope yelled that Liam threw them away.

After Hope said Thomas adored her and only her, Liam claimed he did, too.

Hope insisted that wasn’t true since he always kept Steffy Forrester on the backburner.

Liam got flustered and brought up Hope kissing Thomas in Rome, but she said he still ran right to Steffy.

After Hope hinted about being open to anything the future might bring, Liam seemed confused and asked if she might want another baby.

Hope said she might, so Liam asked if she meant with Thomas.

Hope fired back that she certainly wasn’t having one with Liam before he asked if she was even using birth control.

An outraged Hope said it was none of Liam’s business and informed him that Thomas made her happy.

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Thomas arrived and asked what Liam was doing at the cabin, so Liam reminded him that his child lived there.

After Thomas pointed out that Beth was over at Katie Logan’s place, he asked if Hope was OK.

Hope stepped closer to Liam and suggested that as much as it pained her to say it, this wasn’t his home anymore.

Although Liam and Hope would co-parent Beth, the man in her life now was Thomas – the man who loved her with all his heart.

“And I love him for that,” Hope said before moving toward Thomas for a close moment together.

Liam got uncomfortable and headed out the door while Thomas sought confirmation on what Hope declared.

Hope grinned and supposed she did say she loved Thomas for that, so he smiled and kissed her.

Outside the window, Liam watched passion erupt between Hope and Thomas while looking like he was about to throw up.

At the cliff house, Luna Nozawa, RJ Forrester, Steffy and John “Finn” Finnegan all swapped funny stories.

After Finn suggested going for a swim with RJ, Steffy said that’d give her a chance to get to know Luna better.

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While RJ and Finn were taking a dip in the ocean, Luna admitted to Steffy that she was nervous about meeting her.

Once Luna praised Steffy’s accomplishments, she also admired Steffy’s strong family.

Since RJ was such a wonderful guy, Luna acted like it was easy to fall for him.

Steffy understood this was still a new romance, but she confessed that she liked the whole vibe.

After Finn and RJ returned, Finn hinted about the trouble Luna had been having with Li Finnegan and said he’d fill Steffy in later.

According to Finn, whatever beef was happening between Li and Poppy Nozawa wouldn’t affect his relationship with Luna.

Once Luna acknowledged how much that meant to her, she wished their moms could get along.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Poppy and Li’s conflict is far from over, so stay tuned!

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