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The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Kyle initiates his undercover mission, while Devon formally cuts ties with Tucker

Devon Hamilton-Winters addresses Tucker McCall regarding their collaboration with Mamie Johnson and the potential impact on Chancellor-Winters.

Tucker will try to deny it, but Devon will insist he has proof of Tucker’s investments in Mamie’s financial firm.

After Tucker assumes the information came from Phyllis Summers, he’ll act like she lies and exaggerates since she hates him.

Devon will stand his ground and decide this is one lie too many, so he’ll push Tucker to keep his distance from his family.

After Devon announces that he’s done and stomps off, Ashley Abbott will wonder if he’s OK after witnessing the end of his outburst.

Devon won’t offer details as he leaves, so Ashley will ask Tucker for info instead.

Tucker will eventually provide updates on the fight and admit Devon cut him off, so Ashley will offer to help him make amends.

That offer will leave Tucker suspicious of Ashley’s motives, but she’ll insist she’s doing this for Devon and Dominic Newman-Abbott-Winters-Chancellor.

Tucker will remain wary, but Ashley will lash out over trying to keep things civil and will get him to accept her offer to help.

Meanwhile, Devon will give Abby Newman-Abbott-Chancellor the news about cutting off Tucker and will hint about a way to hopefully find out Tucker’s intentions at Chancellor-Winters.

At Crimson Lights, Jill Abbott will catch up with Chance Chancellor and learn from Nina Webster that he might be getting out of law enforcement.

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Jill will push Chance to come to work at Chancellor-Winters, where she could show him the corporate ropes.

Once Jill exits, Nina will once again push Chance to move away from his dangerous job and seriously consider Jill’s proposal.

Chance will admit he’s perhaps stayed away from Chancellor-Winters because he didn’t feel like he’d measure up.

After Nina reassures him, Chance will call to set up another meeting with Jill and learn more about her offer.

Nothing will be set in stone yet, but Nina will be downright giddy over the idea of Chance putting the danger behind him.

At Lily Winters’ penthouse, she’ll gather with Devon and Jill as they discuss the latest Tucker drama.

Devon will reveal a risky offscreen plan to learn the truth about what Tucker’s really up to and how it pertains to Chancellor-Winters.

Once everyone’s in agreement, Devon will open the door to Mamie and Nate Hastings.

After the group discussion’s underway, Jill will think Mamie should be honest about working with Tucker to push her out of the company.

Mamie will admit that Tucker indeed made investments in her financial firm, but she’ll insist she learned things she didn’t like about him and ditched the alliance.

Although Devon won’t be happy about all the deception, he’ll give Mamie a chance to make things right by revealing Tucker’s agenda.

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If Mamie can be honest about that, then Devon will suggest they can talk about Nate coming back to Chancellor-Winters.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle Abbott will seem uncertain about whether he can pull off being a mole, especially since things ended badly with Audra Charles – not to mention Tucker was suspicious of him to begin with.

Jack Abbott will grow curious as he catches part of Kyle and Diane Jenkins-Abbott’s conversation, but Kyle will cover by apologizing for his recent behavior and admitting he’s reconsidering his dad’s COO offer.

Kyle will credit Diane for helping him get on the right path, so Jack will be grateful to her.

After Kyle decides he’s officially ready to accept the COO spot and come back to Jabot, Jack will be over the moon.

Soon after, Ashley will come home and hear about Kyle’s change of heart.

There’ll also be talk about Tucker’s move on Chancellor-Winters, his blowup with Devon and how Ashley wants to help them make amends.

Jack will think Ashley should stay out of it, but Ashley will feel like Devon needs his father.

Ashley will relate to Devon’s situation since she shut Dina Mergeron out for so long and had to deal with the regrets.

After Ashley insists this isn’t about her reconnecting with Tucker, she’ll suggest it could soften Tucker if he repairs the damage with Devon.

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Diane and Kyle will side with Ashley on trying this strategy, so Jack will realize he’s outnumbered and will agree to keep sitting on the takedown article he had written up.

At Society, Ashley will quiz Abby about the fractured relationship between Devon and Tucker before giving Abby a nudge to help fix it.

Once Kyle’s alone with Diane again, she’ll be glad he decided to rejoin Jabot.

Kyle will feel like that’s the easy part and will remain concerned about pulling off Diane’s mole plan.

Nevertheless, Diane will have faith in Kyle and will feel confident he’s going to earn hero status by saving Jabot.

When that happens, Diane will insist Jack’s going to be so proud.

Afterward, Kyle will text Audra that he needs to talk to her.

Audra will then text Tucker to reveal he was right and that Kyle’s reaching out.

Tucker will text Audra back and push her to reel Kyle in, so there’ll be a lot of scheming afoot in Monday’s The Young and the Restless episode.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Kyle will be taking quite a gamble, so stay tuned.

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