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The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Claire reveals she’s Eve Howard’s sister and calls Victoria “Mother”

The Young and the Restless spoilers recap, sees Adam Newman encountering Nate Hastings at the GCAC.

Adam inquires if Nate has come across Victoria Newman or Victor Newman during his time there.

Nate will remind Adam that he got the boot at Newman Enterprises, so he won’t see why he’s supposed to have any information.

Adam will guess that means Nate and Victoria are over, but Nate will make it clear that it’s none of Adam’s business.

Nate will also presume that Adam’s still being kept in the dark on things and hasn’t risen in the ranks at Newman.

Once Sally Spectra comes along and questions Adam, he’ll offer reassurance about his relationship with Victor and the positive turn it’s taken.

Adam will join Sally at the bar and talk about Victor’s loyalty test, which ended with Nate betraying him instead of Adam like everyone else expected.

Adam will feel like Sally’s been avoiding him, but she’ll suggest she just needed some space to mull over their night together and everything she’s feeling.

Sally will have some lingering concerns about Adam since he originally plotted against Victor and lied to her, but Adam will feel like he’s making progress since he came clean and changed course.

As for their night together, Sally will admit she felt like she was betraying Nick Newman in some way, but she’ll also acknowledge that she doesn’t feel the regret that she expected to feel.

Adam will confess that he’s longing for Sally and their future, but he’ll suggest a dinner where they don’t talk about any of that and just live in the moment.

Sally will agree to a proper date, so she’ll join Adam at a table and discuss her interior design business.

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Adam will be pleased over Sally’s updates and will suggest he’s glad Nick kept his end of the bargain.

Talk will turn to Connor Newman, but Sally will get a little uncomfortable as Adam mentions how kids change things.

Once Adam realizes he’s been insensitive since Sally’s still grieving their baby girl, he’ll apologize.

Sally will assure Adam that she’s not that fragile, but she’ll ultimately seem a bit overwhelmed by the date and hope she can take a raincheck.

After Sally assures Adam that she’s not blowing him off, she’ll refuse to let him take her to her door since that could lead to trouble.

Adam will ask if he can at least take Sally to the stairs, so she’ll allow that and give him a sweet kiss as they part ways for the evening.

At Crimson Lights, Nate will bump into Audra Charles and fill her in on why he’s no longer at Newman.

Audra will suspect Nate really was making a power play, but he’ll explain why he legitimately thought he was doing what was best for Victor and the company.

After Nate admits he’s furious, Audra will wonder if he’s furious enough to want to get back at Victor and the others.

Nate will realize going up against Victor would be a huge mistake, so he’ll plan to just swallow his pride and move on.

Audra will mention that she may be moving on from Newman too and will suggest she might have a job opportunity for Nate if it all pans out.

Nate will at least be willing to listen once Audra’s ready to spill.

Audra will admit she likes to surround herself with colleagues who’ll get the job done by whatever means, but Nate won’t think he’s as ruthless as she seems to believe.

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After Audra tells Nate to keep telling himself that, she’ll pat his chest and strut out of the coffeehouse.

At the lake house, Nikki Newman will find a picture of Eve Howard under her pillow and seem confused.

Downstairs, Cole Howard will also be perplexed as he leaves Victoria a voicemail and wonders what’s going on.

While Cole’s distracted, Aunt Jordan bash him in the head with a hammer to knock him out.

In The Young and the Restless episode, Jordan will head to Nikki’s room, so Nikki will see her face come into focus and wonder who she is.

Jordan will suggest Nikki can call her Jordan for now and will add that Nikki shouldn’t have pulled out that IV since she needs it.

Nikki will look down and see that the IV is back in her hand, but Jordan will push her to just relax and await her family’s arrival.

After Nikki says Jordan did this to her, Jordan will insist Nikki did it to herself.

Back downstairs, Claire Grace will bring Victor, Nick and Victoria inside before giving them some bottled water.

Jordan will eventually join them with her arm in a sling and will tell the bogus story of Nikki’s seizure.

Nick, Victoria and Victor will all drink the water bottles they were given as Jordan stalls them.

Claire will pretend to call a car service to take the Newmans to the hospital, so they’ll await the vehicle’s arrival.

Once Jordan decides it’s time to drop the charade and start telling the truth, she’ll take off the sling and explain that a car isn’t coming – nor will they be going to a hospital.

If the Newmans want to see Nikki again, Jordan will urge them to shut up and listen.

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That’ll lead to Jordan revealing that she’s Eve Howard’s sister, so she’ll accuse Victor of betraying Eve and throwing her out like she wasn’t even human.

Victor won’t recall Eve mentioning a sister, so Jordan will insist that’s because they were estranged and never made up before Eve died.

If Eve hadn’t met Victor and gone to Genoa City, Jordan will argue that they would’ve had that chance.

Victor will decide they can just find the hospital on their own, but Jordan will argue that Nikki isn’t at the hospital and that her so-called seizure was merely a ruse to get them all there.

As for any attempts to leave, Jordan will point out that all the doors and windows are triple locked.

After Victor threatens Jordan, he’ll push her to stop playing games.

Jordan will declare that this is as serious as a heart attack – and she’ll add that the Newmans will all be having fatal ones due to the poisoned water bottles they just drank.

With a smile on her face, Jordan will suggest it’ll be her utmost pleasure to watch them all die.

Once Claire drags Cole in the living room following his head injury, Victoria will be shocked to see him.

“Well, he had to be here for the family reunion.

Didn’t he, Mother?”

Claire will ask Victoria.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Claire is Victoria and Cole’s long-lost daughter, so stay tuned to see how that shocking news will shake things up.

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