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The Bold and The Restless Spoilers: Hope and Thomas might share a double date with Steffy and Finn

Thomas Forrester and Hope Logan’s relationship takes a significant turn as Hope firmly asserts her feelings to Liam Spencer, making it clear that Thomas is now the man in her life.

Although Liam doesn’t agree with that decision, it’s not his call to make.

It’s not Steffy Forrester’s call either despite the fact that she’s been in protective sister mode lately.

When Steffy witnessed a passionate “Thope” moment at the office, she voiced concerns about Hope toying with Thomas.

Steffy felt like Hope was taking advantage of Thomas’ love for her without feeling the same way in return.

However, Hope made what Thomas considers a love declaration during her faceoff with Liam.

Since Thomas loves Hope with all his heart, Hope insisted she loved him for that.

Although Hope still hasn’t offered a direct “I love you” to Thomas, she did acknowledge her words multiple times and seemed to mean them.

Hope is starting to find it easier to embrace the growing love in her heart, so maybe that’ll make a difference to Steffy as this The Bold and the Beautiful storyline moves along.

Thomas would certainly like it if Steffy could accept his relationship with Hope and perhaps try to get Taylor Hayes on board.

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At some point, Thomas might ask Steffy if they can do a double date night and try to take a step in the right direction.

Instead of actually going out, this could be a more low-key gathering at the cliff house.

Then again, maybe it could be Steffy’s idea instead – partly as a peace offering and partly as a way to see for herself whether Hope’s truly fallen hard for Thomas.

Steffy and John “Finn” Finnegan had RJ Forrester and Luna Nozawa over to their house for dinner, so maybe they could invite Thomas and Hope over next.

Although it’d be awkward, it might be the only way for Hope and Thomas to start gaining some acceptance when it comes to their relationship.

Of course, you can bet Liam would hate the idea of Finn, Steffy, Thomas and Hope all sitting around chatting over a meal!

It’d be a great way to truly put Liam on the outside of this whole romantic scene, so stay tuned for updates on whether it’ll become a reality.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say the news of Hope and Thomas’ developing romance will make some waves.

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