Beɑr Lᴏsɩng Hɑɩr Due Tᴏ Sɑdness And Sᴛress Fɩnɑlly Turns Ouᴛ Well Nᴏw

When talking about bears, the familiar image of a big animal with thick fur roaming around the forest will likely pop up in your mind. Sadly, not all individuals of this species are lucky enough to live in such an ideal environment, and poor Cholita’s life is a real-world example.

Source: Animal Defenders International

The bear named Cholita was stolen as a cub and sold to a traveling circus and then a zoo. She had spent most of her life in cages and chains until Animal Defenders International (ADI) rescued her and took her to the Peruvian Amazon rainforest 7 years ago. Before she was saved, she had lost all her hair due to the stress and loneliness she experienced in captivity. Though her spectacular fur can’t grow back now, her life has changed dramatically when she lives in her natural habitat.

Cholita, an Andean bear, was abused in a circus in Peru and is now in a small zoo. An animal welfare group has now received permission to take Cholita to a wildlife sanctuary in Colorado, along with more than 30 former circus lions.

Source: Animal Defenders International

“During her journey over the Andes, we were so worried about her health that we made an oxygen tent for her at altitude,” ADI wrote in a Facebook post. “Seven years on you can see just how much she has thrived back in her natural habitat.”

Source: Animal Defenders International

Being free in the forest, Cholita gains her spirit and enjoys every moment of her life. Her naturally playful disposition stands out, making it hard for people not to love her. “It is impossible to know Cholita and not love her,” ADI added.

Source: Animal Defenders International

The bear’s story is shared constantly on ADI’s social media pages, and Cholita becomes popular among animal lovers. She has gained a huge following, who are fascinated to see her happy life in a natural forest enclosure, cave, pool, and her favorite hammock. “Our magnificent Queen of the forest is looking forward to carved melons and lots of extra fruit this week to mark Halloween!” ADI said in another Facebook post.

Source: Animal Defenders International

After being through myriads of challenges, the gentle bear finally has a chance to thrive in her natural habitat at the age of 30. She now can wander freely in the area and eat her favorite food in the world – grapes. “The rescue of this incredible survivor encouraged government officials to rescue more bears in Peru,” Jan CreamerADI, President of ADI, stated. “Cholita spends her busy days chatting to Dominga or Sabina next door, roaming her habitat, soaking in the pool, or snoozing in her cave.”

Source: Animal Defenders International

It’s lovely to see Cholita gets what she deserves at the end. Let’s share this story with your fellow animal lovers and leave your comments below! Don’t forget to subscribe to our website for more touching stories!

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