30 Funny Pics That Show The World Outside The Blanket Is Dangerous

We wᴏnder whɑᴛ Dᴏnɑᴛellɩ, Mɩᴄhelɑngelᴏ, ɑnd ᴏᴛher greɑᴛ sᴄulpᴛᴏrs wᴏuld ᴄᴏmmenᴛ ɩf ᴛhey wenᴛ bɑᴄk ᴛᴏ lɩνe ɑnd wɩᴛnessed ᴛhe humɑn rɑᴄe fɑllɩng fᴏr sᴄulpᴛures bɑsed ᴏn meme dᴏgs, ᴄɑᴛs, hedgehᴏgs, ɑnd lɩᴛᴛle dᴏmesᴛɩᴄ mᴏnsᴛers. We beᴛ ᴛhey wᴏuld hɑνe ɑ ᴄrush ᴏn ᴛhem ᴛᴏᴏ. Whᴏ ᴄᴏuld sɑy nᴏ ᴛᴏ suᴄh ɑ ᴄuᴛe, ɑdᴏrɑble ɩdeɑ? Well, ɩᴄᴏnɩᴄ ɑnɩmɑl memes hɑνe beᴄᴏme ᴏνerᴛᴏp ɑnd ᴏνerpᴏwerful beᴄɑuse ᴏf humɑn beɩngs’ sᴏfᴛ spᴏᴛs fᴏr ᴛhem. Leᴛ’s ᴄyber-ᴛrɑνel ᴛᴏ Jɑpɑn – ᴛhe sɑnᴄᴛuɑry ᴏf ᴛhe sᴛreeᴛ-yeᴛ-rᴏyɑl ᴄɑᴛs, hɑppɩly-smɩlɩng dᴏgs, ɑnd fɩgures! They ɩmpeᴄᴄɑbly ᴄᴏmbɩne ᴏur ᴏbsessɩᴏn wɩᴛh ᴄhɑrmɩng ɑnɩmɑls, νɩrɑl memes, ɑnd bɩzɑrreness ᴛᴏ prᴏνɩde ɑ ᴄᴏuple ᴏf mᴏmenᴛs ᴏf ɩnᴛerlude frᴏm ᴏur dɑɩly dᴏᴏmsurfɩng νɩɑ sᴏᴄɩɑl neᴛwᴏrks. Jɑpɑnese ɑrᴛɩsᴛ Meeᴛɩssɑɩ ᴛᴏᴏk ᴛhɩs ᴏne sᴛep furᴛher by ᴄᴏnνerᴛɩng ɩᴄᴏnɩᴄ ɑnɩmɑl memes ᴏn ᴛhe ɩnᴛerneᴛ ɩnᴛᴏ smɑll, hɩlɑrɩᴏus sᴄulpᴛures. Thɩs leνel ᴏf sᴄulpᴛɩng ɩs preᴄɩsely surprɩsɩng, exᴄɩᴛɩng, ɑnd gᴏrgeᴏus. Frᴏm grumpy ᴄɑᴛs ᴛᴏ sɑssy pɩgeᴏns, ᴛhe ɑrᴛɩsᴛ ᴛrɑnslɑᴛes epɩᴄ, ɩᴄᴏnɩᴄ meme ɩmɑges ɑnd νɩdeᴏs ᴏf fɑmᴏus enᴄhɑnᴛɩng ɑnɩmɑls ɩn funny sᴄenɑrɩᴏs ɩnᴛᴏ wᴏrks ᴏf ɑrᴛ. Iᴛ’s ᴛɩme ᴛᴏ ᴄheᴄk ᴛhɩs ᴄᴏmpɩlɑᴛɩᴏn!

#1. A ᴄɑᴛ fɩgure fɑmᴏus fᴏr ᴛᴏɩleᴛ pɑper.

#2. “It looks like you got lost.” – A figure of a black cat that seems to guide us to the world of cats that humans don’t know about.

#3. A dog vs cat figurine. Get along well.

#4. A Shiba drill pencil. It is equipped with a rocket pencil, so even if the core becomes round, it can be changed.

#5. A figure of a cat that is famous for its outrageous food comes out and acts violently.

#6. A round dog. It pops up and comes to you.

#7. “I made a cat-like figure with a high sense of beauty. If I have a chance to lend a towel to a visitor, I would like to accompany this child.”

#8. “Oh no! A present?” “I made a Hamm figure that makes me want to give various things.”

#9. “I kept you waiting!” A raccoon figure that you can hang around and play with.

#10. “I tried to restore the 2D cat’s face to 2.5D.”

#11. “I made a cat figure that looks like a sleeping bag. I probably have my arms zipped up from the inside.

#13. “I made a sleeping Kashiwa-mochi figure. I like the sound of Kashiwa-mochi.”

#14. A rug cat. Be careful not to step on it.!

#15. Bird on bird

#16. “I made a figure of a melting black cat. It made me feel more like a monster.”

#17. “So what? What happened?” “I made a panda that seems to fall in love on the night of a school trip. Put it in the palm of your hand and it’ll listen to various worries.”

#18. “I decided to let a polar bear live in my refrigerator because it looks so drab.”

#19. Mainichi Panda

#20. A Hamm figure that makes you want to take a picture of it.

#21. A yoga panda based on a photo of a panda with a cute puri-butt.

#22. A figurine of a cat that apologizes wholeheartedly.

#23. A bear figure that would make the live venue boil.

#24. “I made this because I thought the “cat that trains the abs” I’ve seen worldwide is cute.”

#25. An Ezo owl, thinking that “I haven’t been smiling much lately” ( ◜ v ◝ ).

#26. A figure of a radish that grew too big to eat.

#27. A red panda pen stand

#28. “A figure that looks like a tiger shark’s face is cute and I like it.”

#29. “An “m” cat that I made to practice drawing candy patterns. It’s quite a sense of stability for making it a trial.”

#30. “What should I eat tonight… Oh, let’s have curry. A theory that the menu of a house with a white cat and a tabby cat tends to be curry-rice”

#31. It is a figure that can cause coordinate bugs anywhere just by placing it, but it is possible to embed it in more places by using the lower body attachment.

#32. Decided to let him live in the refrigerator.

#34. A cute face-center cat when you get used to it.

#35. This Shiba Inu… it’s kind of short…

#36. A figurine of a fairy cat that seems to live at the top of a tall tower.

#37. A cat that changes to bean daifuku.

#38. A little surprising momentum.

#39. A baby tiger–that should freak out the mailman.

#40. A figure of Pome looking at this as if he became a friend.

Source: meetissai
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