Funny 30 Funny Pɩᴄs Thɑᴛ Shᴏw The Wᴏrld Ouᴛsɩde The Blɑnkeᴛ Is Dɑngerᴏus

We have gathered 30 Dangerous Pics of hilarious moments when people stay calm before the upcoming storms. Scroll down to see them. What are you going to do this weekend? Sleeping or hanging out with your friends? If you choose the former, enjoy your peace and beautiful dream. But if your choice is the latter and you’re ready to encounter the storms waving beyond your blanket, I hope that all the angels on earth bring luck to you. Now, let’s imagine!! One time, when you’re taking a selfie, a dog pees on your new dress. Another time, you have to wear a dirty dress after a stranger hits you with a ball. Haven’t you experienced such poor moments –  when all your lucky angels went out? If you’ve already, congratulations, this post is for you. We have gathered 30 pics of hilarious moments when people stay calm before the upcoming storms. Scroll down to see them and upvote your impressive ones. After that, don’t forget to tell me whether or not you want to go out. Whatever. Enjoy your weekend. God bless you!!

#1. Thor and the hammer of justice

#2. Have your own beer shower

#3. Enjoy the delicious juice!!

#4. No more after

#5. Such an interesting performance

#6. Poor guy

#7. From a beautiful day to a sick day

#8. Dad!!

#9. A bird

#10. A cool man

#11. Only need a confident smile

#12. “Okay well, I have to go now!”

#13. He is so hot!!

#14. Beer is the good stuff in beauty

#15. It’s cool

#16. Showering

#17. Duking

#18. That’s a rugby ball I believe

#19. I just realized after that

#20. Where are you flying?

#21. Headshot!!

#22. Such a splendid scene

#23. I believe I can fly

#24. I guess God is in all of us

#25. I can do it

#26. When you feel that your luck is nearly coming

#27. That fraction of a second when you realize you can walk on water

#28. A professional bicyclist

#29. A gold moment

#30. That one must have hurt

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