B&B Recap: Deacon extends an invitation to Hope and Finn for Sheila’s memorial service, while Steffy urges her husband not to attend & Beth feels the absence of her family.

Tuesday, April 2, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Hope informs Liam about her invitation to Sheila’s memorial. The Logans believe that extending an invite to Hope was an error, and Deacon busies himself with the final preparations.

Monday’s Early B&B recap: Finn defended Hope to Steffy, and Liam thought Hope could do better than Thomas.

At the cliff house, Steffy assures Finn that their family is secure and there’s no need to discuss anything further.


She’s confident that Douglas will enjoy his time with his dad in Paris.

It’ll be a change, but she’s glad Hope is no longer in Thomas’s life.

He suggests they avoid discussing Hope and Thomas since it only leads to tension.


She gets that he’s sympathetic to Hope but she’s still defending her brother.

They don’t have to agree about this or tip toe around it.

They can still be there for each other. They kiss.


At Il Giardino, Deacon chats with Hollis about the memorial arrangements.


The Logan sisters show up and awkwardly apt their condolences.

He invites them to Sheila’s memorial, even though he doubts they’ll want to come.


He’s going to hold it there. Not everyone hated Sheila.

She had friends at work.

The sisters decline.

Deacon is going to reach out to Hope and Finn.


Once they get a table and start eating, Deacon stops by and they tell him that asking Hope and Finn to the memorial is a bad idea.


Katie reminds him of the suffering Sheila caused him.


He still think Finn deserves to know about his birth mother’s memorial.

Deacon calls Finn and informs him about the memorial.

He says his mom never stopped caring and he was so important to her.


She would want him there and loved him more than anything in the world.

Finn isn’t sure about all this.


When he gets off the phone, he explains to his wife that Deacon wants him to be at Sheila’s memorial service.

Steffy thinks that Deacon is out of his mind inviting him to the place they were shot.


She thinks Deacon is a fool if he thinks Finn will actually go.

It never occurred to the doctor that would be a service.

His wife says there shouldn’t be one.


She asks him to tell her that he is not going to attend.

There’s no reason for him to go.

Steffy reminds him that Sheila tried to end her life.

He knows all of that and assures her they will be okay and they don’t need to dredge this up.


They kiss and then she goes off to get ready for work.

He sits on the couch and flashes back to his closer moments with Sheila, like that time he hugged her, when she saved Beth, and when he kept soaking up her blood.

Mulling this over, Finn paces and remembers Steffy telling him not to go to the memorial.


Back at Il Giardino, Brooke asks Deacon what Finn said and urges him not to get his hopes up.


She returns to her sisters

At the Forrester Creations office, Beth runs in to see her parents.

She just went to the movies and tells them how much she loves them being together.


She asks about seeing the baby hippo at the zoo and Liam is thrilled to go.

If he takes his meds, they can even ride the carousel.

They sit and talk about the movie Beth saw.

She says there were scary parts but the good guys always win.

Hope has to go and look at fabric swatches and takes her daughter off as Liam tells the little girl how much he loves her.


When Hope returns to the office alone, she tells Liam how lucky they are to have such a happy little girl.

Deacon calls her and she guesses this is about Sheila.

She knows he misses her.


He informs her about the memorial service. He knows it’s a lot to ask but extends the invitation.

She’s in the middle of something and needs to take some time. He adds that he’s invited Finn but he hasn’t accepted yet.

Getting off the line, Hope recaps what just happened. She’s feeling blindsided.


Liam thinks that asking her to go and listen to Sheila’s old coworkers saying nice thinks about their boss’ psycho wife is a bit of an ask.

They rehash all that Sheila did and how much they don’t want to attend this.


He smirks when she mentions Finn was invited and she wonders if he will go.


Back at Il Giradino, Deacon fills the Logans in on his conversation with Hope.

They tell him not to pressure her.


He won’t. But he’s hurting and Hope has been so supportive through this.

That has meant the world to him.

It would mean a lot to him if she came to he service.


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