B&B Recap: Despite Hope’s pleas, Thomas resigns himself to a decision and informs her that he plans to leave the country with Douglas.

Wed, Mar 27 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Caught in the crossfire, Ridge finds himself in a difficult position while Steffy criticizes Brooke and Hope, and Thomas confesses to Hope that he can no longer continue as they have been.

Tuesday’s Early B&B recap: Steffy Mocks Brooke Over Hope Facing a Harsh Reality Check While Hope Pleads With Thomas Not to Allow His Sister to Drive a Wedge Between Them

In the spacious office, Steffy asserts that Hope has manipulated Thomas for far too long, and she’s about to face a harsh reality check.


Steffy tells Brooke that Hope is becoming more like her every day, accusing her of perpetuating the Logan tradition of wreaking havoc on her family.

Steffy is adamant about not letting Hope harm her brother any further.

Brooke struggles to remain unoffended but finds the constant criticism unbearable. Steffy insists she’s merely stating the facts.


Brooke insists he daughter has real feelings for Thomas.

Steffy thinks Hope’s behavior is unacceptable and it needs to end. She assumes that’s happening now.


Brooke wonders why she’s so invested in them getting married and Steffy claims she just objects to her brother being jerked around.

Ridge tries to keep the peace but his daughter declares she’s done with Hope leading Thomas on and toying with his emotions.

“The only person who will have a broken heart is Hope, not Thomas!” she declares.

Steffy says that he brother is vulnerable. As she rails, Brooke asks Ridge if he will let his daughter talk to her like this.


Steffy dredges up Brooke’s history, insisting that Hope is just following in her mom’s footsteps and this needs to end.

Brooke thinks that Steffy’s whole take on this situation is wrong.

Besides, it’s irrelevant when the issue is what Thomas did in the past.

Ridge stops them from rehashing that.


Steffy tells Brooke that her daughter is not good enough for her brother.

The Logan squints.

Smirking Steffy just hopes she got through to her brother and he will end this today.


In the design office, Hope tells Thomas they overcame so much to be together.

It has been worth it.


“I thought so,” he says. Sobbing, she tells him not to speak in the past tense.

He’s made her feel things no one else has.

Thomas points out she still won’t marry him.

Frustrated, Hope wonders why she has to keep explaining that she needs more time. After having to deal with Liam, she wanted a moment to breathe and find out who she is.

She thought he understood that and begs him not to let Steffy get in his head.

Hope loves what they have together.


He asks what that is.

Are they going steady and building a future or is she going out for revenge?

Or maybe she’s just taking a walk on the wild side.

She’s shocked by all these suggestions.


He asks if she will ever love him the way he loves her.

She begs him not to doubt her feelings.

She loves the man he has become.

Hope doesn’t even have the words to describe how he makes her feel and its exhilarating.

He says everything changes and things progress. She doesn’t think they need to follow a guide.

She’s sorry she’s disappointed but she’s not ready and can’t tell him when she will be.


“Will you ever really be ready?” he asks, not sure she could ever answer that question.

This is all too painful for him and that’s why he’s leaving. This all hurts too much and he can’t do it anymore.

She insists she was not wearing his ring to be cruel. Cruelty would have been accepting the proposal when she wasn’t ready.

He doesn’t think she had any intention actually to agree. She thinks he’s starting to sound like his sister.

Thomas knows she loves him but not enough to marry him.

Hope repeats she’s not trying to hurt him and he doesn’t need to protect his heart for him.

She’s trying not to make the mistakes she has in the past.


He tells her he would have loved her for the rest of his life and given her everything but the back and forth is too painful. This isn’t something he can do any more so he’s leaving.

Thomas reminds her of how much their son wants them to be together. He needs to find a way to break his fall when he hears the news.

After announcing he’s leaving HFTF, he says he’s going to Paris. She tells him he can’t just walk away from the line.

He can’t handle being around her anymore and needs to go.

Maybe there will be someone out there who can love him the way he loves them.

Annoyed, Hope says he’s not talking like himself. She thought they were a team and blames all of this on Steffy.


He insists that his sister is not his puppet master.

He just needs to be the type of man his son could respect.

He’s sure she’s not humiliating him on purpose but he has to go and he wants his son with him.


Shaking her head, she says no.

The most painful part of this has been that he loves her and the first time she actually told him she loved him was when she rejected him.

As he tries to go, she holds him back and begs him not to do this.


Saying he will always love her, he walks out.

Fumbling around her neck, she realizes the ring is gone.

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