B&B Recap: Finn and Steffy Reunite and She Says Sorry, Poppy Urges Luna to Keep Quiet, While Zende Highlights RJ’s Good Fortune

Thursday, March 7, 2024: On today’s episode of Bold and Beautiful, Zende praises Luna to RJ, highlighting her qualities, Steffy confides in Hope about her struggles, and Finn warns Liam to stay away.

Wednesday’s Early B&B recap: As Liam goaded Finn about replacing him in Steffy’s life, Steffy could hardly control herself as Hope urged her to protect her marriage.

In Finn’s office, he asserts to Liam that he doesn’t owe him any justifications.


Liam disparages Finn’s consideration of Sheila as someone of importance and claims he’ll support Steffy, arguing she needs someone reliable.


Finn is acutely aware of his fortune in having Steffy in his life and holds no resentment towards her, acknowledging the situation’s complexity.

Liam criticizes Finn for deserting Steffy, insisting she shouldn’t face this ordeal solo.

Finn acknowledges the unfairness of the situation. He yearns to be with his wife but is entangled in his own challenges, urging Liam not to exacerbate his struggles by criticizing him.


Before Finn leaves, Liam advises him not to underestimate Steffy’s value as he once did.

Finn perceives Liam’s insinuation that he’s poised to step in for Steffy and accuses him of meddling.

“Nothing and no one will come between Steffy and me,” Finn declares with conviction.

Liam responds with a knowing smirk.


At Forrester Creations, Steffy confronts Hope, feeling overwhelmed by her additional stress.

Hope encourages Steffy not to let the aftermath of Sheila’s demise create a rift between her and Finn.


Steffy asserts that Hope is intruding too far, but Hope counters, emphasizing her intention to support and urging Steffy to understand the complexity of Finn’s situation.


Steffy acknowledges both she and Finn are deeply affected by recent events. Hope clarifies she doesn’t mean to be insensitive and recognizes Steffy’s actions as self-defense.

Yet, the burden of having taken a life weighs heavily on Steffy. The vivid memory of the act haunts her every time she closes her eyes.


Hope, sensing she’s caused further distress, apologizes, admitting her inability to fully grasp Steffy’s turmoil. She mentions noticing Finn’s confusion and pain, hoping to make Steffy aware.

Steffy asserts their strength as a couple and her determination not to let the situation weaken her bond with Finn. After Hope departs, Steffy is consumed by the memory of the incident, leaving her shaken.


Upon Finn’s arrival, Steffy finds solace in his presence.

Finn expresses his difficulty in articulating his feelings, feeling a severed tie with his biological mother despite not holding Steffy responsible.


An emotional Steffy shares her own torment; the vivid image of the attempt to save Sheila’s life overwhelms her.

Repeating “I killed someone,” she reveals the haunting persistence of the memory, indicating the depth of her trauma.


Finn wraps his arms around her, reassuring her that they mustn’t allow this to drive a wedge between them.

She nods in agreement, but a pang of doubt creeps in: Will he ever see her in the same light again? She’s overwhelmed with remorse.


Zende drops by the beach house, where RJ, still damp from the shower, answers the door.


Zende suggests they have a chat. “About work?” RJ inquires.

That’s not why Zende is there. They need to have a private conversation.

This leaves RJ feeling perplexed.

Zende wants RJ to understand just how fortunate he is to be dating Luna.


RJ asserts he knows (how amazing his girlfriend is).

Zende doubts he comprehends (how amazing she is).

His cousin informs him they are not merely hanging out.

They are in a committed relationship and content.

“You are never going to be with her,” RJ persists.

He advises him to back off and respect his relationship.


In the design office, Luna peruses paperwork and reminisces about waking up in Zende’s bed. Her mom arrives, but Luna brushes her off, claiming she’s too preoccupied.


She confides in Poppy that her mints upended her life. She ended up sleeping with Zende because of them. Despite her feelings for RJ, she wonders if he deserves to know the truth.


Her mom advises her to keep the secret forever, but Luna struggles with the idea.

Poppy fails to see who benefits from doing the right thing. She encourages Luna to spare herself the potential pain it would entail.

Her daughter is hesitant to jeopardize the next generation of Forresters.


Poppy reminds Luna that she wasn’t fully aware of her actions. While Luna may not have had a choice then, she does now.

Luna is apprehensive about disrupting the family dynamics and the business.

Her mom hopes Luna will agree to keep the secret. Luna fears that this revelation will shatter everything in her life.

She’s uncertain if anything will ever be the same after that night.


Poppy tells her it will all be alright. She knows she’s a good person.

Luna isn’t sure she’s doing the right thing. Sleeping with Zende will always be under the surface.

Her mom repeats that she can’t tell RJ.


RJ and Zende arrive. He awkwardly kisses his girlfriend and the other tell them how lucky they are.


Luna gets emotional thinking about how happy they are together and how much they have to look forward to.

She never wants to hurt him. “You never could,” he says.

As he hugs her, she stares over his shoulder at Zende and her mom.


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