B&B Recap: Finn stands up for Hope in front of Steffy, while Liam believes Hope deserves someone better than Thomas.

Monday, April 1, 2024: On today’s “Bold and the Beautiful,” Liam visits Hope to see how she’s doing, Steffy asserts to Finn that Hope doesn’t deserve anyone’s pity, and Luna learns about upcoming alterations to the fashion line.

Friday’s Early B&B recap: During a confrontation, Hope attempts to slap Steffy, but Steffy retaliates by calling her trash. In response, Hope issues a stern warning to Steffy.

At Forrester Creations, Hope comes across a flyer for HFTF and notices an old photograph featuring her and Thomas.


Liam appears unexpectedly. Hope suspects he’s there to revel in Thomas’s departure.

He insists that’s not the case, leading her to surmise he’s come to lecture her.


She pushes him to go ahead and rub it in. Liam says he doesn’t get off on watching her hurt.

Hope says it’s a little late for that.

He blames all of this on Thomas’ unrealistic expectations and insists she’s done nothing to feel guilty about.


He can admit it must hurt to be separated from Douglas.

She says he’s her son in all the ways that count and they didn’t have the goodbye she wanted.

She blames Steffy for most of this.

She’s never wanted her with Thomas and made sure it wouldn’t be.

Hope admits she broke Thomas’ heart but Steffy certainly made things worse.


She keeps venting about Steffy has gone too far as she played chess with her family.

Douglas has had his heartbroken and feels like she doesn’t love him enough.

Liam is sure he just needs some time.

Hope wishes Thomas had taken some time to think more before taking off but Steffy had to stir things up and destroy what they had.


She’s sure he doesn’t want to believe it, but Steffy is responsible for a lot of this.

If she’d accepted the proposal, everything would have been different now and his sister wouldn’t have gotten into his head.

Liam may not want to hear it but she really does love Thomas.

She’s not sure if they would have gotten married but they’ll never find out because of Steffy.


She apologizes for oversharing and he offers to help with Beth if she needs it.

Liam won’t lie. He’s relieved that Thomas is out of their daughter’s life and he thinks she’ll find this is a good thing in the end.

He assumes another man will come into her life, one worth saying yes to.


In the design office, Luna is flashing back to waking up in Zende’s bed until he and RJ lumber in.


They tell her about Thomas jetting off to Europe last night.

They fill her in on Thomas leaving with Douglas after Hope rejected him again.

Thomas will no longer be working on the line and that means they all need to step up for Hope.


They all hate how lousy this is for Hope.

But they can see why Thomas wouldn’t hang around for her.

Zende says it’s hard to wait for someone who can’t give themselves to you.

Luna thinks maybe time and distance will help.

RJ thinks Thomas and Hope are done.


Zende goes on about how synchronized Hope and Thomas were in terms of vision.

This change means they all need to step up and try to give her what she wants.


Luna wants to help and RJ is eager for his cousin to see how talented she is.

Luna looks uncomfortable as Zende smiles at her.


Zende says everyone knows how amazing Luna is and it will be his pleasure to work more closely with her.


She forces a smile.

At the cliff house, Finn tells Steffy that having Douglas leave with his father must be hard on Hope.


His wife makes it clear that Hope is no victim here. She’s just another Logan.

The doctor doesn’t see why she has to make this another family feud.

Steffy insists that Hope is not the innocent girl she once was and she led her brother on.


She says all her brother wanted was Hope’s love and she broke her heart. She brought this on herself.

No one should feel sorry for her.


He thinks she’s being harsh but she insists Hope is no “innocent chick.”

Kids were involved.

He knows she has a long and complicated relationship with Hope but he doesn’t think deserves all the blame.


His wife is not liking the sound of this.

He tells her that getting wound up is not good for her and maybe she can feel for Hope a but.

“No no no no no no no,” she says. He urges her not to escalate things.

She admits Hope threatened her and she doesn’t like him defending her.


He’s not doing that. She loves that he’s trying to see the best in people.

They agree that what’s important is their love for each other and they kiss.

As she hugs him, she stares off.


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