B&B Recap: Katie is Troubled by the Possibility That Bill Could Be Luna’s Father, Brooke Makes an Accusation, and Luna and Bill Get Ready for a DNA Test

Frisday, May 31, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Katie grows anxious while talking to R.J. about Luna, and Hope announces that she and Steffy are now officially at war.

Thursday’s Early B&B recap: Hope Wages War on Steffy, and Poppy Reveals to Luna That Bill Might Be Her Father

At Eric’s mansion, Donna steps away to check on Eric, leaving Hope worried that she has upset her aunt.

Brooke reassures her daughter that this isn’t the case. She is shocked that Steffy would threaten to shut down Hope For The Future.

Hope firmly states that she won’t let Steffy succeed.


She starts pacing and ranting that Steffy has targeted both her love life and her career.

Steffy doesn’t care about Hope For The Future; she just wants to get back at her.

Hope is fed up with Steffy’s interference and declares she won’t tolerate it any longer.


Brooke asks if her kid really thinks this is personal.

Hope’s pretty certain so Brooke wants to know how to stop her.

Hope says they must go to Forrester to stop Steffy from steamrolling her.


Katie reminds her Steffy’s CEO.

Hope corrects her aunt. “Co-CEO.”

Hope thinks her mother should talk to Ridge.

Katie agrees.

Her contributions to Forrester are legendary.

She had such a pace of prominence in the company. Hope agrees it’s time Hope reclaimed her power.


At Forrester Creations, Ridge walks in just as Steffy tells Carter they’re getting rid of Hope’s line.

He reminds her it’s been a staple here but Steffy says their focus is couture.


Ridge asks if it’s business.

Steffy doesn’t know what he’s asking.


If Hope were bringing the numbers in, she’d fund the line.

Carter defends Steffy. “You agree with this?” Ridge asks. Carter squints.

He doesn’t disagree.

Ridge tells Steffy he wants to get back to designing and isn’t interested in the corporate stuff.

She’s always been good at it.

Steffy asks if he’s stepping down when Hope and Brooke step into the room.


They bring up Hope For The Future and Hope tells the room she won’t give her line up without a fight. Steffy appreciates Hope’s passion for the line but fashion evolves.

Brooke accuses Steffy of making this a vendetta against her daughter but Steffy maintains it’s business. Carter agrees the numbers are low.


Hope calls it a transition and blames Steffy for urging Thomas to leave the company. Steffy is surprised she thinks they only need one designer for the line. Hope talks over her, saying they’ll bounce back.

They always do. Brooke wants Ridge’s opinion, believing Steffy wants to take all of Hope’s happiness from her. Steffy calls her an overprotective mom. Steffy wants the line to come to an end. “Today.”


At Bill’s mansion, Liam’s surprised Poppy’s just now telling him he might be Luna’s father.

His father seems psyched. “I am,” Bill says, his smile wide.

He tells his son Poppy didn’t want him to see her as a golddigger so kept it from him until they got to know each other.

Also, she was afraid of getting hurt. “She’s in love with me, Liam.”


She told him she’s never loved a man before. Liam calls that intense and can understand how she’d feel.

Bill’s reading and willing to be Luna’s dad. He’ll make a place for both of them in his life. Liam asks if Luna knows.

Bill tells him Poppy’s telling her now and he hopes she’s as excited as him.


In the design office at Forrester, Luna reacts to her mother telling her Bill might be her dad.

She cries happy tears and RJ comes in and hugs her after hearing the news.

He’s so happy that she’ll finally learn who her dad is. They embrace and she and Poppy rush off to see Bill.


Katie finds RJ designing in the design office. He’s deep in thought and she asks if he’s okay.

He tells her that Bill might be Luna’s father. Katie’s shocked by the news.

She thinks Luna is a golddigger.

RJ disagrees. Katie hopes Bill gets a DNA test. RJ says Will might gain a sister. This doesn’t make Katie feel better.


Poppy and Luna arrive at Bill’s. He assumes she heard the news and is in shock.

They remember they discussed it in the past.

Smiling, at each other, they agree he might be her dad and Bill wants to know how she feels about it. He hopes it’s true.

Luna cries and admits it’s always been a question mark hanging over her head.


She can tell her mom loves him and he’s been good and kind to her.

Bill will continue to be that person no matter what they find out but if he is her dad, he’ll be the best one he can be.


Bill chokes up and Poppy shows them the DNA kit, unless he wants to test at the hospital.

Bill doesn’t want a public spectacle.


He doesn’t want to wait, either.

Luna agrees and hugs him while she tells him she prays he’s her father.


Next week on B&B!

At Bill’s house, Luna says, “Okay let’s do it.”


Li lets herself into Bill’s house and says, “Hold it right there.”


Hope tells Steffy, “The disrespect you have continued to show my family is ridiculous.”


Ridge tells a happily shocked Brooke, “What do you say? Will you help Steffy and me lead this company forward?”


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