B&B Recap: Steffy Mocks Brooke Over Hope Facing a Harsh Reality Check While Hope Pleads With Thomas Not to Allow His Sister to Drive a Wedge Between Them

Tuesday, Mar 26, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy pushes Thomas to end things with Hope, Ridge is concerned for his son, and Brooke stands up for her daughter’s concerns.

Monday’s Early B&B recap: As Hope airs her grievances over Steffy’s interference, Steffy pushes Thomas to flee the country with Douglas and break things off with Hope.

At Thomas’s place, Steffy continues to press her brother to take his son and embark on a new life away from Hope.

She points out that Hope clearly doesn’t desire the same future as he does and has once again shattered his heart.


“Hope is a Logan. This is their way,” Steffy argues, suggesting that Hope introduces turmoil into his life, mirroring the disruption her mother caused with their father.

She advises Thomas to take his son and permanently leave Hope behind, emphasizing a break from the cycle.

Thomas acknowledges that leaving would be a difficult choice.


His sister keeps pressuring him. He still loves Hope.

Steffy gets it but Hope will never love him the way he loves her.

She tells him this will only get worse, especially for Douglas if he drags this out. He needs to protect him.


“Get out of town. Now,” she insists.

He can hear her. His son is his number one priority.


At Forrester Creations, Hope tells Ridge that Steffy ahs been agitating from the sidelines ever since she found out about her and Thomas.


Ridge thinks his daughter just didn’t want Thomas hurt by her and that’s exactly what happened.

Brooke says that wasn’t intentional.

Ridge knows that and wanted them happy together.


Hope wants that happiness too but Steffy is insulting her by saying she’s using Thomas as a toy.

Steffy is not just being a protective sister, this is also about past resentments.

She won’t have this and refuses to be Steffy’s personal punch bag.

She is going to keep calling her on this.


Ridge gives some pushback to her attacks on his daughter. He gets that she’s upset but her attacks are not fair.

He turns the topic back to Thomas and how much he loves her.

All he wants to do is make her happy.

He gets that she didn’t put the ring on her finger but around her neck but he’s still hurting for his son.

Ridge asks what she really wants from this relationship.

Are they really close to what Thomas wants or is this just a diversion?


He’s not feeling sorry for her.

He’s concerned about his boy for what she did to his life.

Brooke tells Ridge they should leave this to their children to sort out.

He says they will always be involved and he can’t be an object and neither can she.

Hope knows that Thomas was all in and devoted since the beginning. That’s part of why she loves him.


Ridge gets all that but clearly something is holding her back from fully committing.

Is it something from his past that will always been between them?

“Can you really blame her after all that he’s done to her?” Brooke asks.


Ridge thought she thought Thomas was getting better. She does but this is about Hope.

They talk about how hard Thomas has worked on himself.

Hope knows all about that more than anyone.

When she mentions their “relationship,” Ridge stops her and says there is no relationship.

After reminding him that they are adults and can sort this out on their own, Hope appreciates the concern and is sure he means well but she can’t say the same for Steffy.


Hope gets a business call and then continues bickering with Ridge.

Steffy walks in and declares that Hope only wants Thomas on her terms and her schedule.

Hope insists she loves Thomas and he loves her and they want to be in each other’s lives and no one understands how they feel about each other.

Steffy doubts that he feels that way anymore.


Fed up with trying to justify herself, Hope tells Steffy to stay out of her relationship and walks out to find Thomas.


“Ooooh! I feel like she’s in for a rude awakening,” Steffy tells Brooke and Ridge.


Brooke wonders what she’s been listening to her brother.

Steffy thinks it’s odd she’d have a problem with her opposing the relationship.


They rehash Hope turning Thomas down twice and Steffy gets her protecting a fellow Logan.

Brooke thinks her daughter is a tough lady and her decisions are her own. Steffy is sure there will be no wedding bells.

The Logan thinks they need to let them work this out on their own.

Otherwise, this seems like a vendetta Steffy has against Hope.


In the design office, Thomas makes a call and then thinks of his relationship with Hope.

Then he thinks about his sister urging him to cut her loose.


Hope shows up and tells him she feels terrible. “You do?” he asks.

She begs him not to let his sister come between them, playing that Forrester vs. Logan card.


She thinks his sister is trying to turn this into something it’s not.

People have opposed them before and it didn’t stop them then so it shouldn’t stop them now.


She’s still processing her divorce and trying to be the best mom she can be.


Just because she didn’t accept his proposal, does not mean she doesn’t want to see him every day, laugh with him and make love with him.

They have something special and no other man has made her feel valued and seen the way he does.

She understands that he’s a one woman man and she’s lucky to be that woman.

Wiping away a tear, she begs him not to let his sister undermine them.

She loves him and doesn’t want to lose him.

He stares into her eyes.


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