Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Triumphs, Thomas Walks Away from Hope Next Week

Bold and the Beautiful features Steffy Forrester reveling in her triumph, leaving Hope Logan stunned, and Thomas Forrester at a crossroads on the CBS soap.

Moreover, B&B spoilers reveal their families picking sides in the Thomas-Hope predicament.

As the narrative unfolds, it appears that Thomas decides to emulate his sister’s example, stepping away from the relationship he’s longed for.

Monday – Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas Forrester Listens to Steffy Forrester

As B&B rolls out next week, Thomas leans towards his sister, Steffy advice. But he is rattled, which leads to Ridge getting an earful about Hope from his son.

Last week, Thomas seemed so desperate to nail down Hope’s intentions. He even hit up Brooke with questions about her daughter’s plans for the future.

Last week, claws emerged as Steffy stopped a slap from making contact with her face. She caught Hope Logan’s arm in mid-flight with some authority about her.

But that’s just the beginning, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promise sparks to fly between the stepsisters next week. And when the dust settles, Steffy Forrester emerges as a happy camper.

Tuesday – B&B Spoilers:Family Ties Tatter

Bold and the Beautiful has the blended family start to sour as Ridge demands answers from Hope Logan. So far, the Logan daughter’s intimate relationship with the Forrester son is anything but private.

Everyone and their cousin not only know about it, but they also have something to say about it. So, while Ridge tries to get answers from Hope, Brooke defends her daughter.

Hope Logan’s head spins next week on Bold and Beautiful. What she saw as a perfect relationship suddenly implodes and everyone seems to have a hand in it, sparking a battle.

B&B spoilers suggest Ridge and Brooke’s relationship also starts to suffer as they side with their offspring.

Meanwhile, Thomas Forrester goes through the emotions of a jilted lover. But Steffy Forrester offers advice to her brother on how to work past the heartache.

Wednesday – Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas Stuns Hope

By mid-week, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest this becomes a battle royale between the Forresters and Logans. Steffy and Brooke go at it on Wednesday over the Logan daughter and the Forrester son.

The spoilers promise a life-altering decision from Thomas on Wednesday. Since he gets the bulk of his advice about Hope Logan from his sister, Steffy, one can only imagine what comes next.

Perhaps Thomas Forrester decides to take the same route his mother and Steffy take in times of heartache. That’s move and work at the division of Forrester Creations in Europe.

That would explain what the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers teased about Thursday’s episode. Spoilers already show Thomas staying away from work in LA. He tells his sister he doesn’t want to run into Hope. So, he works from home.

Thursday On B&B… Next the Kids

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers have Douglas in a difficult conversation with his parents on Thursday. This follows Thomas’ life-changing decision from the day before. So, what is this couple telling their son?

If Thomas Forrester plans to go away from LA to heal his heartache, well, this would be difficult to tell Douglas. Either Thomas plans to take him with him or leave his son behind with Hope Logan. Either way, he would be without one parent.

And from what Hope Logan has said last week on Bold and the Beautiful, Douglas is ecstatic about his parents’ relationship. So, if Thomas decides to leave, this would likely devastate their son.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers pinpoint Thursday as the day Steffy basks in the glory of her victory. So, Thomas Forrester jumping ship to FC across the ocean could fall nicely into place with these spoilers.

It would certainly validate a win for Steffy, as next week she will do her best to keep her brother from Hope.

Friday – Bold and the Beautiful: Hope & Steffy Explosive Cliffhanger

B&B spoilers have Hope and Steffy revved up and going at it on Friday’s cliffhanger. It looks like Hope may have underestimated the power that Steffy has over her brother.

If Thomas Forrester backs away from Hope after Steffy convinces him of this, Hope’s anger could hit an all-time high with her stepsister.

After all, Hope had no intention of breaking it off with Thomas. She just wanted things to continue the way they were on Bold and Beautiful. But Thomas wants more.

It looks like Thomas Forrester adopts Steffy’s way of thinking, that Hope Logan was in this for her pleasure. But in all actuality, she just wasn’t ready to get married yet.

She told Thomas that she loved him. But that still wasn’t enough. So, Thomas Forrester is heartbroken and about to change his life, in a way that likely devastates Hope Logan.

Another B&B Party Heard From on Friday

Bold and the Beautiful has another party heard from on Friday. The soap gears up for the Luna storyline to kick in after next week. The spoilers indicate that Zende won’t give up.

He approaches Luna again to ask her if there’s any possible future for the two of them. While the spoiler stops short of an answer to that question, Bold and the Beautiful fans assume that’s another “no” coming from Luna Nozawa.

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