The Bold and the Beautiful News: Deacon investigates, Hope’s hug news, and more reactions to Sheila

Upcoming spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful from April 8 to April 19 indicate that Deacon Sharpe will grapple with the startling revelation he encountered at the crematorium, where he discovered the body had all ten toes intact.

During the week of April 8-12, Deacon will try to explain the situation to Carl Ferret, who works at the crematorium now.

However, Carl might wonder if Deacon can be certain of what he saw, especially when what he wants most in this world is for Sheila Carter to come back to him.

Although Deacon only caught a quick glimpse of those feet before the evidence was destroyed, he’ll stand by his belief that the body had one more toe than his beloved Sheila.

After John “Finn” Finnegan spends a little more time connecting with Hope Logan following the memorial, he’ll meet back up with Steffy Forrester.

Steffy will ask Finn how the memorial went, so he’ll open up about how it was both weird and perhaps healing for his soul.

Finn can’t make sense of his complex feelings right now, but he may admit it helped him to say goodbye to his birth mother.

However, Finn will be thrown for a loop when Deacon summons him later and offers updates on the developments at the crematorium.

Deacon will urge Finn to believe he saw 10 toes instead of nine and that Sheila could be alive.

Finn will quickly become worried about Deacon’s sanity and will feel like he’s losing his grip on reality.

Despite Deacon’s insistence that Sheila may have switched places with a doppelganger somehow, Finn will think Deacon needs professional help.

Later, Deacon will get in Ridge Forrester’s face about Sheila, so he may go on a rant about how she’s been treated.

Will Deacon also hint to Ridge that Sheila could have survived?

Ridge will push Deacon to accept the harsh reality of the situation, so he may argue that Sheila is gone for good and they’re all better off!

Other The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Finn will deliver some startling news to Steffy, which likely means he’ll fill her in on Deacon’s claims about Sheila being alive and missing.

Steffy should hear the story of the 10-toed corpse, so she’ll have to decide for herself whether she thinks that’s crazy talk or that there could be some truth to Deacon’s belief.

Although Steffy will learn the police investigation is behind her, she’ll have to deal with this new crisis and fret over Sheila potentially coming back to haunt her.

At Forrester Creations, Hope will reveal Hope for the Future’s new design partners, so it looks like she’ll officially put Zende Forrester Dominguez and RJ Forrester to work as a team.

Hope will also want Luna Nozawa to work closely with Zende, so that’ll leave Luna freaking out deep down.

As for Zende, he’ll spill his true feelings about Luna during a conversation with Carter Walton.

Carter may fear that Zende’s playing with fire by pining for and even chasing after RJ’s girlfriend.

Once Luna’s guilt grows stronger, she’ll cry to RJ and insist there’s something he needs to know.

RJ will put some clues together and determine that Luna’s trying to tell him something about the night of Eric Forrester’s party.

Luna will kick off her confession, but will she actually go through with telling RJ about accidentally popping special mints and landing in bed with Zende?

It’s possible Luna will back out of blabbing like she’s done before and swing her confession in a less scandalous direction.

The Bold and the Beautiful fans will see the aftermath of whatever Luna divulges during the week of April 15-19, so we’ll see if she comes clean or just has a close call!

Back with Deacon, he won’t be able to get the possibility of an alive Sheila out of his head. Deacon may realize he needs to play detective and begin his efforts to solve the mystery.

Clint Howard will make a couple appearances as a homeless man named Tom later this month, so Deacon’s investigation may set the stage for Tom’s upcoming revelations.

Steffy may also dwell on Sheila’s potential comeback and grow more panicked about the mayhem that return could unleash.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say the next two weeks will be packed full of drama, so we’ll bring you more predictions on Sheila’s storyline and so much more.

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