The Bold and the Beautiful Predict: Fashion show disaster – Is Hope for the Future officially doomed?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest troubling forecasts for Hope Logan’s fashion line.

With Thomas Forrester withdrawing his support, the future of Hope for the Future appears uncertain.

It’s surprising that the line’s even going to continue at all under the circumstances.

The last time Hope tried to put out a collection without Thomas, the reviews were terrible!

It almost resulted in the line getting canceled when Zende Forrester Dominguez and Eric Forrester were handling things in Thomas’ absence.

That’s why Thomas was brought back after his firing, but now he’s quit Hope for the Future – potentially for good.

Zende, RJ Forrester and Luna Nozawa all talked about banding together to help Hope now that Thomas is gone.

Of course, it’s possible this will be another chapter of the “Luna is so amazing” saga – and in that case, maybe she’ll save the day by being some huge inspiration for Zende.

However, Zende’s designs definitely weren’t a hit the last time he tried to pitch in.

The vibe was off since Zende just doesn’t understand Hope’s vision the way Thomas did.

Even with Zende, Luna and RJ working as a team, it may not be enough to stop the catastrophe that Thomas set in motion by leaving.

Could this lead to a fashion show disaster that makes it impossible for Hope to come back from?

Hope for the Future could crash and burn in a big way, so Hope may find herself publicly humiliated by the end of all this.

It might force Hope to reevaluate her career and what she wants to do with her life.

Hope could potentially fail so badly that she ends up in a different line of work entirely.

Regardless, The Bold and the Beautiful definitely likes to do fashion shows from time to time.

What if the next one isn’t the usual smashing success and has disastrous results instead?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Hope could get updates on another round of bad news without Thomas as the driving force of her line.

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