The Bold and the Beautiful Predict: Kelly spots Sheila lurking – Steffy and Finn skeptical?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Sheila Carter is poised for a comeback sooner or later.

Once Sheila resurfaces, the question remains: who will be the first to spot her?

Kelly Spencer would be an interesting option considering her history with Sheila, who saved Kelly from drowning after John “Finn” Finnegan lost track of her on the beach.

When Sheila greeted Kelly at Il Giardino months later, The Bold and the Beautiful fans will recall that Kelly remembered that rescue and seemed happy to reconnect.

That Kelly encounter reignited Sheila’s feud with Steffy Forrester and set the stage for all the horror that ultimately played out at the cliff house.

There’s a good chance a lookalike suffered a grim fate instead of Sheila, who may be alive and ready to stark lurking once more.

What if Kelly sees Sheila hanging around the cliff house and alerts Steffy or Finn to her presence?

Kelly might spot Sheila and declare that Finn’s birth mom (aka that nice lady from the beach) is outside.

On the other hand, Kelly might spy Sheila lurking near Il Giardino instead if Sheila ends up hanging around there to be close to Deacon Sharpe.

Regardless, there might be a situation where Kelly swears she saw Sheila and struggles to get anyone to believe her.

Steffy and Finn might insist Kelly is just confused as they explain that Sheila is gone for good.

It’s easy to imagine Steffy think Kelly is traumatized in some way and seeing things that aren’t there.

Finn might sit Kelly down and admit he’s been “seeing” Sheila, too.

Maybe Finn will argue that sometimes a person’s mind can play tricks and make things seem real, even when they aren’t true.

However, Kelly might stand by her story and insist it’s different for her.

This wouldn’t be a case of Kelly hallucinating Sheila or imagining her.

It’d be a case of Kelly actually witnessing Sheila’s comeback and offering the first warning sign.

Unfortunately, Kelly’s claims could get ignored since Finn and Steffy currently have no reason to believe Sheila survived what went down at the cliff house that fateful night.

Kelly could end up frustrated if she tries to give Finn and Steffy updates on some shocking Sheila news – only to face their disbelief.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Steffy and Finn have some Sheila surprises ahead of them no matter what, so stick with us for more predictions on all the chaos.

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