The Bold and the Beautiful Predict: Liam and Hope share a heartfelt reunion – Former flames succumb to lingering emotions?

The latest spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful suggest that Hope Logan might find herself reassessing her entire life following Thomas Forrester’s decision to step back from their relationship.

Liam Spencer hurt Hope when he couldn’t give her the same forgiveness and understanding she’d given him over the years.

Since Liam wouldn’t take Hope back after she kissed Thomas in Rome, Hope eventually embraced her feelings for Thomas and fully explored them.

Thomas seemed like exactly what Hope needed in terms of being a devoted man who wouldn’t waffle or let her down.

However, Hope will be left reeling when she learns Thomas’ devotion only goes so far.

Thomas may be a one-woman man at this point, but his love isn’t unconditional.

This second proposal rejection will be a deal-breaker, so Hope may be an emotional wreck as she tries to figure out a future with no Liam and no Thomas either.

It’s easy to imagine Liam bringing some toy that Beth Spencer left behind over to the cabin, where Hope might struggle to conceal her tears.

Hope could admit Thomas broke up with her and leave Liam appalled that Thomas is the one who ended things.

Liam may see that Hope’s in pain and avoid saying “I told you so.”

Instead, it’d be nice to see Liam offer some genuine comfort and perhaps drop some of the annoying smugness that’s become the norm over the past few months.

Liam has always maintained that he still cares about Hope, so there’s no need to rub it in her face that she’s single again.

Nevertheless, Liam could reiterate that Hope deserves better and confess he’s not sorry that her relationship with Thomas is over.

Maybe Liam could even get honest – at least with himself – about the fact that his desire for Steffy Forrester has gotten him nowhere.

Liam is no closer to a reunion with Steffy than he was that day in Rome – back when he kissed Steffy immediately after witnessing Hope’s lip lock with Thomas.

Since it doesn’t seem like Liam is getting back together with Steffy anytime soon, could his romantic feelings for Hope resurface?

Liam has had some time to get over his initial anger over Hope’s betrayal, so perhaps he could start to reevaluate his life, too.

Are Liam and Hope really better off than they were before their marriage ended in disaster?

It’d be interesting if Liam’s comfort led to some unexpected passion between them.

Maybe Hope and Liam could surrender to some sizzling behind closed doors!

It might seem like it’s coming out of nowhere, but so did John “Finn” Finnegan feeling a sudden connection to Sheila Carter – and so did this unrecognizable version of Thomas who’s willing to dump the woman he’s craved for so long.

In other words, The Bold and the Beautiful characters are making some out-of-character decisions that are driven by the plot lately.

With that in mind, it’s certainly possible that Liam and Hope could suddenly look at each other with fresh eyes.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Liam will get updates on Hope’s breakup news soon enough, so we’ll bring you predictions on what he’ll do once he learns Thomas is done with her.

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