The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Deacon’s Sheila bombshell shocks Finn, leading to an emergency meeting with Hope

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, April 9th, disclose that Steffy Forrester will inquire about John “Finn” Finnegan’s experience at the memorial.

Finn will likely share his feelings about bidding farewell to Sheila Carter, possibly admitting that the experience was cathartic.

Now that Finn’s said goodbye and hopefully found some closure, he may assure Steffy that he’s ready to put the topic of Sheila to rest.

Steffy just got the news that she’s been officially cleared in the Sheila investigation, so she’ll talk to Finn about that and hope they’re done with his birth mother for good.

However, it looks like Deacon Sharpe will summon Finn to Il Giardino soon after, so that’ll leave Finn wondering what’s up.

Since the body that went into the incinerator had 10 toes, Deacon will give Finn updates on what he saw and leave him in disbelief.

Despite Finn’s instant doubts, Deacon will push him to consider the possibility that Sheila is still alive.

Sheila has faked her demise before, so Deacon will wonder if it’s really that farfetched to think she’d do it again.

Of course, Finn might argue that it’s one thing for Sheila to cut off her toe and stage a grim fate due to a bear attack.

It’s quite another for Sheila’s corpse to be carried out of Steffy’s house after the horrible faceoff that happened there.

Even so, Deacon won’t be able to let go of his theory that Sheila might’ve survived.

It should lead to Deacon suggesting maybe a lookalike went up against Steffy that night, but Finn will think he sounds insane.

Other The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Hope Logan will have an emergency meeting at Forrester Creations to discuss what’s next for Hope for the Future.

With Thomas Forrester out of the picture, some big decisions need to be made ASAP.

Our predictions point to Zende Forrester Dominguez and RJ Forrester being announced as Hope’s new design duo.

Hope should trust RJ and Zende to bring her vision to life in Thomas’ absence, but this arrangement will make Luna Nozawa nervous – especially when Hope pushes her to work closely with Zende.

Since Luna is keeping RJ in the dark on the special mint drama and what happened in Zende’s guest house, she’ll definitely be on edge over this entire situation at the office.


The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Luna’s nerves will lead to some risky moves, so stay tuned!

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