The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Deacon’s shock at Sheila’s survival sends him into a frenzy – Baker’s update rattles Steffy

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Monday, April 8, indicate that Hope Logan and John “Finn” Finnegan will find solace in each other’s company, allowing them to openly share their emotions without fear of judgment.

Although Hope certainly doesn’t condone the awful things Sheila Carter did, she gets why there’s a piece of Finn that’s still grieving for her.

Similarly, Finn didn’t approve of Hope’s relationship with Thomas Forrester, but he can understand that Thomas’ departure is hard for her – especially since Thomas took Douglas Forrester with him.

As Hope and Finn dwell on their losses, they’ll be surprised over just how much comfort they’re able to get from each other.

At the crematorium, Deacon Sharpe will go wild over the shocker he just witnessed.

The body that supposedly belonged to Sheila had all 10 toes, so Deacon will freak and try to tell Carl Ferret that couldn’t possibly have been her.

Carl may suspect that Deacon imagined things since he wants so desperately to believe Sheila could come back to him.

However, Deacon got a clear view of those feet and saw for a fact that the corpse had one more toe than Sheila was supposed to have.

As Deacon realizes Sheila is alive, he’ll have questions about the imposter.

Unfortunately, it’ll be tough for Deacon to get the answers he needs since the body will already be burnt up in the incinerator.

Deacon is sure to launch an investigation at some point, so that could lead to him to the story of Sugar since she was Sheila’s old frenemy doppelganger.

In the meantime, Deputy Chief Bradley Baker will have some good news for Steffy Forrester.

It sounds like Baker will stop by and tell Steffy that she’s officially been cleared of any wrongdoing.

On Monday’s The Bold and the Beautiful episode, Baker may close the case and insist the cops believe Steffy genuinely acted in self-defense.

Steffy may feel like the nightmare is finally over following Baker’s updates, but it’s just getting started now that we’ve got confirmation Sheila is still alive!

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say the real Sheila will return and cause a world of trouble sooner or later, so we’ll pass along more predictions on what Sheila’s got up her sleeve.

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