The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Finn and Hope join Sheila’s farewell

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, April 3, show John “Finn” Finnegan facing a dilemma: whether to risk Steffy Forrester’s anger by accepting Deacon Sharpe’s invitation.

Steffy was livid over the memorial news since she doesn’t think Sheila Carter should have one at all – and she definitely doesn’t get why Deacon invited Finn.

However, Deacon knows Sheila would want her beloved son to be there, so he’s encouraged Finn to make an appearance at the tiny gathering.

Although Finn realizes he’s going to upset Steffy with his decision, he just won’t be able to stay away in the end.

Finn may admit that he needs closure like Deacon and hope that Steffy can try to understand that.

Since Steffy obviously won’t approve, this will lead to another round of tension in her marriage to Finn.

The more snags Finn and Steffy face, the more likely it becomes that all this conflict will chip away at the foundation of their relationship.

As for Hope Logan, she’ll also accept Deacon’s invitation and will show her support for Finn at the service.

Hope will prove understanding in all the ways that Steffy isn’t right now, so our predictions hint that Hope and Finn’s bond could lead to problems!

Once the memorial gets underway, Deacon will let his emotions pour out in a powerful speech.

The Bold and the Beautiful fans will hear Deacon try to say goodbye to Sheila, but it’ll be no easy task since he still loves her so much.

Deacon will eventually give Finn a chance to give Sheila a sendoff of his own, so he may urge Finn to speak as part of Wednesday’s cliffhanger.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Finn will prepare to say a few words about his complex relationship with his birth mother, so stay tuned for updates on his farewell to Sheila.

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