The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Hope and Finn collaborate to locate Sheila – Will they defy Steffy’s wishes to join Deacon’s search?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that the storyline involving Sheila Carter is advancing now that her survival has been confirmed by the show.

The revelation of the ten-toed body served as The Bold and the Beautiful’s method of unveiling this significant development, although many fans had already suspected it.

Now it’s up to Deacon Sharpe to prove he’s right about this.

That’s going to be challenging since the body is a pile of ashes, but Deacon will be determined to figure all this out.

Although John “Finn” Finnegan will initially be skeptical, he might change his tune after talking to people in the morgue and digging into the coroner’s report.

Maybe Finn can find evidence of his own that the corpse indeed had no missing toes.

Deacon misses Sheila terribly and would do just about anything to have her back.

It’s easy to imagine Deacon trying to track Sheila down since a lookalike clearly perished in her place.

Could Finn end up wanting to find Sheila as well?

There’s been an interesting theme throughout this storyline about Finn wishing he could’ve helped Sheila before it was too late.

Finn hasn’t been able to shake this strange bond with Sheila, so maybe there’s a reason for that if she’s in trouble and needs her son’s assistance.

There’s a chance Sheila didn’t swap places willingly – and if that’s the case, someone could be holding her hostage somewhere.

It’s worth mentioning that Sugar, who was identical to Sheila thanks to plastic surgery, had a rocky history with her.

Sugar may have been trying to frame Sheila for wiping Steffy off the map until Steffy turned the tables.

What if Sugar has an accomplice who’s holding Sheila captive or something along those lines?

This could be a situation where Sheila needs a hero or maybe a whole team of them.

Even if this is all Sheila’s scheme instead, Finn may not be able to rest until he gets answers.

Steffy Forrester, on the other hand, might push Finn to just leave the mystery unsolved and hope that Sheila stays gone.

That could lead to more marriage conflict and perhaps give Finn an opportunity to strengthen his connection with Hope Logan.

Hope might help Deacon try to find Sheila and ultimately join forces with Finn, too.

Our predictions point to Deacon’s search for Sheila, so stay tuned to see if Hope and Finn will get in on the action against Steffy’s wishes.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say some twists and turns are still to come in this hot plot, so stick with us for updates on all the curveballs.

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