The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Hope manipulates Liam and Steffy to cheat, setting a trap for Finn to catch them

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest that Hope Logan is determined to seek vengeance against Steffy Forrester, potentially by targeting her marriage in the near future.

Liam Spencer hinted that maybe Hope could find someone else now that Thomas Forrester was out of the picture.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest Hope may settle on John “Finn” Finnegan as a good option once she bonds with him at Sheila Carter’s memorial service.

From there, perhaps Hope can start planting seeds of doubt about Steffy and her commitment to Finn.

It’d be easy for Hope to complain about Liam’s history with Steffy and all the times he waffled back in her direction.

By playing up Steffy and Liam’s forever connection, it could leave Finn a bit worried deep down.

That’s especially true if Hope uses Liam to her advantage and gives him nudge back in Steffy’s direction.

Hope could play Liam like a fiddle and admit that maybe Steffy is the only woman for him.

Liam already wants Steffy back, so it wouldn’t be hard for Hope to fuel Liam’s desires even more.

What if Hope convinces Liam to fight for Steffy and make a real attempt to win her over?

It could be Hope’s way of pushing Liam to tempt Steffy and try to get her to cheat.

That could at least give Hope the chance to set a betrayal trap.

If Hope sends Liam to chase after Steffy and arranges for Finn to witness a close moment, it could end in disaster!

For example, Finn might walk in on a kiss between Steffy and Liam that Hope sets in motion.

It could leave Finn thinking Hope was right about Liam and Steffy never getting over each other.

That seems like the perfect way for Hope to comfort Finn and get him to surrender to temptation with her next.

Our predictions hint that Hope’s going to prove Steffy right when it comes to being a manipulative Logan, so stick with us for updates on all the trouble that’s brewing.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Hope definitely has some tricks in store for Steffy, so stay tuned for all the wild news and inevitable backlash.

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