The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Poppy Shocks Finn — Announces Luna Is His Sister

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the week of March 18 tease that Poppy is set to reveal startling news to Finn.

There has been ongoing speculation that Finn’s father, Jack, is also Luna’s father. Poppy’s urgent desire to discuss the identity of Luna’s father with Finn seems to confirm this theory.

On Friday’s The Bold and the Beautiful, Poppy catches Finn off-guard with a visit to the cliff house, expressing an urgent need to discuss Luna’s father.

According to Soaps Spoilers, Poppy confides in Finn that although she’s hesitated to disclose Luna’s father’s identity, Luna’s insistence on knowing compels her to be honest.

Initially, Finn’s questioning led to a brief moment of ambiguity, suggesting he might be Luna’s father. However, Finn’s inquiry about how this concerns him prompts Poppy to clarify that she needs to speak with him first, given his recent experiences.

Finn appears to be unaware of any connection to Luna’s paternity, pointing towards Jack as the probable father. This revelation might also shed light on Lil’s profound animosity towards Poppy.

Finn Discovers the Reality

On Monday’s show, Poppy is set to request a favor from Finn, disclosing her plan to reveal Luna’s father’s identity but seeking Finn’s assurance to support her daughter should she seek him out.

Poppy might share that Luna is Finn’s sister, revealing a past affair with Jack. This revelation could shed light on Li’s animosity towards her sister and Luna.

Li previously disclosed that Poppy had an affair with a married doctor, leading to a pregnancy, which resulted in Li’s job loss after the hospital became aware.

This affair, if with Jack, could explain Li’s job loss as a consequence of her husband’s involvement with her sister, posing a moral dilemma for the hospital.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers indicate Finn will commit to being there for Luna, should she need him.

Given Finn’s history of offering support, even in complex situations like dealing with Sheila, it’s expected he would extend the same support to Luna.

Li Finnegan Unleashes Her Fury on Poppy

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Finn updates his mother on Poppy’s chat. He tells her that Poppy claims that his dad is Luna’s father.

Li will be flabbergasted by the notion, heading to Poppy’s apartment to put her sister in her place. She tells Poppy she needs to stay in her lane and not cause trouble for her family.

Li urges Poppy to keep quiet about Luna’s father. She doesn’t think Luna needs to know.

Poppy refuses to comply. She believes Luna should know her father’s identity. She refuses to allow Li to dictate her actions.

This angers Li, who threatens to “ruin her” if she reveals the truth. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say that Poppy stands up to her sister and lets her know she will do what’s best for her daughter, even if that complicates Li’s life.

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