The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy is stunned by Sheila’s reappearance – Finn reveals shocking news from Deacon

In The Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy Forrester is aiming to bring closure to the ongoing saga involving Sheila Carter.

The Bold and the Beautiful fans know Steffy’s had a “goodbye and good riddance” attitude lately, so she’ll count on Deacon Sharpe’s memorial being the end of all the drama.

John “Finn” Finnegan might admit to Steffy that attending the service helped him find the closure he was after.

Like Steffy, Finn may insist he’s ready to put Sheila behind him and just focus on their family’s future.

However, Deacon Sharpe will throw a wrench in that plan thanks to his discovery at the crematorium.

The body that just got burnt up had 10 toes, so it obviously wasn’t Sheila.

This has to be a lookalike situation, so Deacon will present his theory to Finn and face some skepticism.

Although Finn will think Deacon has lost it, he’ll still feel obligated to tell Steffy about the conversation later.

Since Deacon will suspect Sheila is alive, that’s certainly something Finn needs to share.

Of course, Finn may downplay the idea and act like Deacon’s grief has driven him over the edge.

Although Steffy will want to believe that’s the case, she knows how Sheila operates and may be far more alarmed than Finn is.

Will Steffy instantly worry that Deacon is right?

Sheila has come back from the grave on more than one occasion, so Steffy may suspect she’s done it once again.

Steffy might convince Finn that this isn’t something they can just dismiss.

Finn’s updates could leave Steffy sleeping with one eye open and fearing that Sheila could target her at any moment.

Even if Steffy calms down and tries to believe Sheila is truly gone, doubts may start nagging her in the back of her mind.

Steffy might fear that Sheila has faked her demise and that she could be plotting a vengeful return.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Sheila will indeed make an exciting comeback sooner or later, so we’ll offer predictions on her inevitable confrontation with Steffy.

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