The Young and the Restless News: Jordan’s diversion with the train ticket – Tucker ejects Ashley

The Young and the Restless spoilers update for Monday, April 1, discloses that Tucker McCall will express remorse to Audra Charles and plead for another chance.

Tucker will insist that whether Ashley Abbott’s crisis is real or not, that’s for Ashley and her family to deal with.

Audra will get swept up in Tucker’s love declaration and kiss, so she’ll eventually head up to his suite with him.

After Jack Abbott updates Traci Abbott on Tucker’s concerns about Ashley’s mental health, Jack will act like Tucker’s just back to his usual manipulation.

However, Traci will seem worried as she questions Ashley later.

Ashley will argue that she wants Tucker to think she’s lost it and will contend that everything is going according to plan.

Once Ashley says she wants to take over Tucker’s empire and leave him bankrupt, Traci won’t see how this scheme is going to work.

Ashley will stand by the plot and storm out, so Traci will remain unsettled.

By the time Tucker and Audra make it upstairs at the GCAC, they’ll find Ashley sitting in Tucker’s room waiting for him.

Tucker will wonder if Ashley wants him to call security or have her arrested, but she’ll let him know that she made that psychologist appointment.

After Tucker suggests that Ashley is on her own from here, Audra will start ranting about how pathetic it is for her to chase her ex.

Ashley will insult Audra, who’ll lunge at her until Tucker pulls Audra back.

When Tucker pushes Ashley to just go, she finally will. Tucker will hope how he handled that proved his love for Audra, so he’ll turn to her for her approval.

Once Ashley’s in the hallway, she’ll seem disoriented as her alter fades away.

Ashley will head outside for some air, but she’ll be a mess since she won’t even know how she made it to the club.

Jack will also share drinks with Diane Jenkins-Abbott, so they’ll discuss Tucker’s claims about Ashley and all the drama that’s been happening with Kyle Abbott.

When Diane asks how Jack would feel about letting her reverse roles with Kyle at Jabot, Jack won’t think that would solve anything and will insist Diane is right where she should be.

At the ranch, Adam Newman will give Victor Newman the news about Connor Newman’s OCD and his residential treatment program, so Victor will fully approve the jet use and anything else Adam needs.

Victoria Newman will barge in and seem like she’s in panic mode since Claire Grace has gone missing.

Adam will hint that maybe Claire and Jordan are back in cahoots, so Victoria will fight with him until she hears about Connor and softens.

Victor will ultimately hear from security regarding Claire, who just went to grab a coffee at Crimson Lights.

That’s where Claire will catch up with Michael Baldwin and get an official introduction to Lauren Fenmore Baldwin.

When Summer Newman shows up, she’ll seem uncomfortable interacting with Claire.

After Claire guesses that Summer knows about her past, Summer will point out that she tried to take out several of their mutual family members.

Summer won’t get how Claire expects to work with kids under the circumstances, but Claire will talk about her time in therapy and hope she can eventually prove to Summer that she’s a changed woman.

Chance Chancellor will arrive and meet Claire next, so she’ll recall that Nikki Newman said he was a hero.

Next on Monday’s The Young and the Restless episode, Jordan will find a crummy motel to hide out in and will talk about the reckoning that’s coming.

Jordan will dress like a bearded man for her new disguise and will witness Claire leaving the coffeehouse as she flies under the radar.

Once Claire heads back to the ranch, Summer will open up to Chance about her trust issues when it comes to Claire.

After Summer fills Chance in on Claire’s history and how she avoided prison with a mental institution stint, she’ll acknowledge the possibility that Claire could be faking her recovery.

When Claire makes it home, she’ll bicker with Adam briefly and promise Victoria that she won’t bolt without telling anybody again.

Michael will show up to share a potential lead on Jordan’s whereabouts since a train ticket was purchased from Chicago to Houston under the name “Eve Howard.”

Victor will mention the idea of Jordan trying to throw them off the trail, so Michael will insist he’s going to look into it.

After Adam heads out, Claire will hear about the OCD diagnosis that his son’s dealing with.

Once Claire’s in the loop, she’ll hope Connor is able to get the help he needs at his new residential treatment center.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Adam has more parenting struggles ahead of him, but our predictions point to him doing whatever it takes to help his son.

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