The Young and the Restless Predict: Billy usurps Lily’s position – Gains control amid controversial termination controversy?

The Young and the Restless spoilers suggest that Lily Winters might come to regret her decision to dismiss Daniel Romalotti Jr. and Heather Webber from Chancellor-Winters due to personal motivations.

Of course, we should start off by saying that it’s tough to blame Lily for being angry and wanting to retaliate.

There’s no denying that Heather and Daniel did Lily dirty, so we’re all for Lily being an entertaining The Young and the Restless character and fighting back by firing them.

However, that’s a decision that could cost Lily if Billy Abbott’s concerns in the March 27 episode are any indication.

Since this is about Lily’s personal issues with Daniel and Heather, she could be opening herself up to wrongful termination lawsuits and other complaints – especially with Heather being such an expert lawyer.

Although Daniel considered resigning and understands why Lily would need to make a clean break – even professionally – that doesn’t mean it’ll be so easy to let Omega Sphere go.

If Daniel starts to miss his gaming platform in the weeks following his firing, Heather might want to help him regain control of Omega Sphere and take it elsewhere.

There might be some loopholes in Daniel’s contract once Heather takes a closer look.

Whatever the case, Billy warned Lily not to head down this road, but she ignored his advice and even Devon Hamilton-Winters’ advice in the end.

This double firing drama falls solely on Lily, so she may take the heat with Jill Abbott once this comes to her attention.

You can bet Billy will complain to Jill and could use this as an example of why he deserves to be in charge instead.

Billy might argue that he did a perfectly fine job filling in for Lily while she was away.

Now that Lily is settling back into her role following her leave of absence, she’s making questionable decisions that could perhaps put Chancellor-Winters’ future at risk.

At least that’s what Billy will probably argue!

Will Billy use this situation to make a power grab and snatch Lily’s throne away from her?

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Jill will get updates on some troubling news, so stick with us for predictions on whether Billy might steal Lily’s position.

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