The Young and the Restless Predict: Kyle’s breakup with Claire triggers emotional setback?

The Young and the Restless spoilers predict challenges ahead for Claire Grace, who has been on a positive trajectory since receiving therapy at Memorial’s psychiatric ward.

Claire has worked hard to overcome Jordan’s brainwashing, but things honestly seem a little too good to be true!

It’s just tough to believe that Claire is cured forever after such a short amount of time in treatment.

Right now, Claire is finally living the Newman dream with lots of love and support all around her.

It makes sense that Claire would be thriving when she’s stepped into the Newman life she’s always wanted with a loving mom and dad.

Victoria Newman and Cole Howard have done everything they can to make Claire feel secure as their beloved daughter, but Claire is slowly becoming more independent and perhaps inching toward some drama.

Although Victoria would love to bubble-wrap Claire and keep her away from things that might trigger mental health setbacks, Claire is a grown woman.

That means Claire is going to want more than just sitting and letting Mommy dote on her.

It’s easy to see that Claire and Kyle Abbott are gearing up for a romance, but that could be a bad idea – at least when it comes to Claire’s mental state and the potential for trouble.

Kyle and Summer Newman may be divorced, but history has proven they can’t stay apart forever.

Summer and Kyle have a knack for finding their way back together, so Claire could turn out to be a placeholder until a “Skyle” reunion happens.

Will Kyle break Claire’s heart by making her fall in love with him and then reuniting with Summer?

Is that the kind of thing that could cause Claire’s sinister side to come roaring back?

Claire’s past showed The Young and the Restless fans what she’s capable of when her mental health isn’t what it should be.

Viewers are never going to forget all the chaos that played out at the lake house, especially since there’s the potential for a relapse and another round of danger.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Claire and Kyle’s relationship may be doomed, so stick with us for updates on any terrible news ahead.

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