The Young and the Restless Predict: Tucker’s engagement ring for Audra – Proof he’s moved on from Ashley?

The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Tucker McCall will be determined to convince Audra Charles that she’s the one for him.

Regardless of the truth, Tucker will go the extra mile to demonstrate his commitment to Audra and solidify their future together.

During the week of April 1-5, Tucker will corner Audra to make another passionate plea for one more chance.

Audra won’t see why should give Tucker one, so he’ll admit he wouldn’t blame her if she walked away.

However, Tucker will also insist he can’t lose Audra and will wonder what it’s going to take to prove that he’s done with Ashley Abbott.

After Tucker assures Audra that he’s going to let Ashley and her family deal with her apparent mental issues, he’ll profess his love for only Audra.

Once Audra reciprocates that love confession and shares a kiss with Tucker, they’ll have yet another run-in with Ashley in Tucker’s suite.

Audra won’t be pleased over Ashley being an uninvited guest, but Tucker will angrily kick Ashley out and keep up his devotion act for Audra.

Later, Tucker will do something that offers proof that he’s changed and wants different things.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Tucker will give Audra the evidence she needs, so could that involve an engagement ring?

Tucker might get down on one knee and pop the question at some point.

Perhaps Tucker will ask Audra to marry him and push for some ASAP wedding plans.

Audra might accept Tucker’s proposal if one’s in the works, but would that be a huge mistake?

Tucker got together with Audra because he was on the rebound and desperately in need of a win.

In some ways, it feels like Tucker’s desire to hang onto Audra is more about the fear of losing again and being all alone.

Audra may not be the woman of Tucker’s dreams, but she understands how his mind works and can handle him better than most people.

Tucker will have no one if he loses Audra – or at least no one sane since Ashley is going off the rails!

Our predictions hint at Tucker doing something big and bold to prove Audra in his future, so stay tuned for updates on how that’ll work out for him.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Tucker will convince Audra that they belong together, so don’t miss any engagement news that might be in the works.

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