The Young And The Restless Spoilers: Claire Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands? Decides to End Jordan’s Threat Once and for All?

The Young and the Restless spoilers indicate that Claire will express her thoughts on the resolution of the situation with Jordan.

Claire will admit that she would have preferred a definitive end to Jordan’s threat, especially after learning that Jordan was hospitalized following Nikki’s 911 call.

Claire is adamant that she wouldn’t have cried if Jordan had cried over the poison she voluntarily consumed!

Since Victor will concur completely, Claire will gain favor with her grandfather by having a similar viewpoint. Victor will presumably consider Claire to be a devoted Newman as a result, but what if Claire goes too far in her devotion?

It’s not surprising that Claire still harbors a darker side given all of Jordan’s brainwashing, as the program has been hinting at.

If Jordan’s earlier manipulation of Claire led to her current demise, it would be quite the twist. What if Claire has another nightmare about Jordan and thinks she can no longer handle it?

Claire has been plagued by these dreams lately. Claire may decide that killing Jordan is the only way to really be done with her.

Claire Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands? Decides to End Jordan’s Threat Once and for All?

When it comes to Jordan and all the suffering she’s gone through because of that awful mother, Nikki’s conscience is obvious because she phoned for paramedics, but Claire may believe her own conscience isn’t a problem.

Will Claire to enter the hospital covertly and take care of her great-aunt, given that she will essentially state that she wishes Jordan hadn’t survived? Victor’s guards aren’t any better, and Memorial’s security is obviously not that strict!

Claire might possibly make a small detour and sneak into Jordan’s room while she is at the hospital for outpatient rehabilitation.

Perhaps someone like Victoria could step in and stop Claire from planning to suffocate Jordan with a pillow or even inject her with something.

Although it seems unlikely that Y&R will allow Claire to permanently part ways with Jordan, it would be intriguing to see her attempt.

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