The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Jordan scheming from his hospital bed – Phyllis’s fire alarms cause disruption

The Young and the Restless spoilers recap for Monday, March 25, reveals an important discussion between Devon Hamilton-Winters and Daniel Romalotti Jr. at Chancellor-Winters.

Devon will make it clear that if Daniel wakes up one day and realizes he’s made a mistake, he shouldn’t even think about crawling back to Lily Winters and asking for another chance.

Although Devon will think it’s best if Daniel keeps his distance, Daniel will point out that he lives in the same building with Lily and works in the same building with her, too.

It’ll dawn on Daniel that Devon might be talking about dumping Omega Sphere, so Devon will admit the thought has crossed his mind.

Lily will have the final say on that, but Devon will point out that they could always keep the division and replace Daniel.

Devon will vow to let Daniel know what Lily decides once they talk.

At Crimson Lights, Heather Stevens will run into Lily and follow her onto the patio to apologize.

Although Heather will swear nothing was premeditated, Lily will disagree and feel like Heather zeroed in on Daniel as soon as she left town.

Lily will consider this a double betrayal since Daniel hurt her after years of friendship and Heather did this after she gave her a job.

Once Lily tells Heather to stay away, she’ll insist Heather made her choice and now she’s going to make her own.

When Heather guesses she’s getting fired, Lily will admit she hasn’t decided yet and will stomp off.

Although Lily will cross paths with Daniel as she exits, she won’t be interested in chatting and will head to work.

Once Heather tells Daniel about her run-in, she’ll confess that she doesn’t think they’ve seen the full extent of Lily’s anger yet.

At Chancellor-Winters, Lily will complain to Devon about bumping into Heather and will admit she’s considered shutting Omega Sphere down and letting Daniel go.

After Lily says she’s fantasized about kicking Heather to the curb too, she’ll acknowledge that Omega Sphere is profitable and that Heather is a useful attorney.

If Lily needs to suck it up and put on her “big girl pants,” she’ll urge Devon to tell her as her business partner.

Devon will think Lily needs to do whatever it takes to be happy, but Lily will act like the idea of being happy is a stretch.

At the GCAC, Christine Williams will officially agree to join Danny Romalotti on the first leg of his tour and will suggest skipping breakfast to get a suite together.

While Danny is off checking in a room, Phyllis Summers will find Christine alone and taunt her for being miserable and lonely.

Christine will smugly insist Phyllis is wrong and get Danny’s text about the room number.

Once Christine and Danny are making love in a suite, Phyllis will creep around outside their door.

Inspiration will strike when Phyllis spots the fire alarm, so she’ll pull it and prick her finger in the process.

As Phyllis sucks on her finger to soothe it, The Young and the Restless spoilers say she’ll dash off while the alarm is blaring.

At the Newman ranch, Jordan’s fate will be revealed as Nikki Newman, Victoria Newman and Claire Grace talk about what happened in that basement.

Victor Newman will be angry with Nikki for calling 911 instead of letting Jordan fade away, but Nikki won’t regret her decision since she couldn’t stoop to Jordan’s level.

Furthermore, Nikki will think that would’ve been the easy way out for Jordan, who needs to suffer for years behind bars.

Victor will worry about the possibility of Jordan escaping from the hospital and will eventually call Memorial for updates on her health.

When Victor returns, he’ll reveal there’s bad news since Jordan is on the mend and will be transferred to a maximum-security prison soon.

Victor will just hope they know who they’re dealing with and can contain her this time.

Claire will admit that she would’ve preferred for Jordan to be gone for good.

If the poison had done it’s job, Claire will add that she wouldn’t have shed a tear.

Nikki will just hope they can put the whole thing behind them – except for the part where they’ve all grown closer.

Victoria, Nikki and Claire will all enjoy a group hug as they celebrate Jordan’s reign of terror being over.

In the hospital, Jordan will think to herself that she has to stay calm.

The poison got Jordan out of that room, so she’ll act like the plan worked.

Now Jordan will just want to stay in the hospital long enough to figure out her next move.

Since Jordan will be handcuffed to her hospital bed, she’ll seem annoyed as she tries unsuccessfully to yank her arm out.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Jordan could have a few more tricks up her sleeve eventually, so stick with us for more predictions on what’s in store.

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