The Young And The Restless Spoilers: Kyle and Claire share a kiss? Does Summer witness it?

The Young And The Restless spoilers show that over the next few weeks, Kyle will keep on building his connection with Claire.

Upon learning about Claire’s experiences with Jordan’s manipulation, Kyle is filled with empathy and admiration for her. Looking ahead, it’s likely that Claire will find herself in a position to protect Harrison from Jordan.

If there is a kidnapping incident, Claire might ride to the rescue and ensure that Harrison is reunited with his parents.

That would facilitate Claire and Kyle developing a genuine relationship, but what about Summer? If Harrison is drawn into Jordan’s perilous predicament, Summer might hold Claire accountable.

It seems unlikely that Summer and Claire will ever get past their serious problems. Summer might feel increasingly disturbed by Claire and Kyle’s developing relationship the closer they get.

Kyle and Claire share a kiss? Does Summer witness it?

It’s been a while since our forecasts suggested that Kyle and Claire would get romantically involved. Claire and Kyle’s romantic relationship appears to be finally taking off on the show. It goes without saying that, at some point, Kyle and Claire will plant their first kiss.

However, Summer might interpret that as a severe red flag regarding Claire’s development with Kyle! Summer might easily watch Kyle as he kisses Claire and gets enamored with her ex-husband’s new partner.

Summer will not want to witness her cousin deceiving Kyle because she doesn’t trust Claire. On some level, Summer’s jealousy might motivate her, but she might also legitimately worry that Claire’s dark side would resurface.

In any case, Kyle and Claire’s developing romance is unlikely to be well-received, especially as it will keep Claire in Harrison’s sphere of influence.

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