The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Kyle’s empathy towards Claire – Victor’s scheme entices Jordan

Friday’s The Young and the Restless spoilers unveil Adam Newman discussing Connor Newman’s situation with Nick Newman, as the young boy prepares to undergo residential treatment in Maryland.

Nick will show his support for Adam and provide some helpful guidance.

Adam won’t really ask for advice, but Nick will still feel like this is a situation where he can offer some words of wisdom – presumably based on his own experience as a dad.

Since Nick and Adam have been getting along lately, it sounds like that trend may continue with a nice moment between the brothers.

At Society, Claire Grace will open up to Kyle Abbott about Jordan’s manipulation and how her great-aunt made her believe her parents cast her aside.

Claire was raised to hate the Newmans and brainwashed into going after them as an adult.

Thankfully, Claire got the professional help she needed, so now she’s so grateful that Victoria Newman and Cole Howard are embracing her as their daughter.

Nikki Newman’s forgiveness has also meant a lot to Claire, who’ll be forever sorry for what she put her grandmother through.

Of course, Claire will get that not everyone can be as understanding about her past mistakes as Victoria, Nikki, Cole and Victor Newman, but she’ll hope for a chance to move on with her life anyway.

Once Kyle hears Claire’s explanation, he’ll have compassion for her and may admit he’s impressed with the way she’s risen above her circumstances.

Kyle will hang on Claire’s every word and may start falling hard right away since our predictions hint at a new romance brewing.

However, we also have to address Nikki’s phone call about Jordan’s escape from the hospital.

If that’s real and not a dream, then maybe Victoria got a similar call when she stepped away from the table at Society.

Claire may get updates on Jordan’s new reign of terror and worry about how far she’ll take things this time.

Kyle might get the news as well and realize just what a nightmare Jordan has been.

It could help Kyle understand the kind of torment Claire has lived through all her life.

Meanwhile, Victor will form a grand plan on Friday’s The Young and the Restless episode and try to distract Nikki from everything on her mind.

Since we know Victor will throw a fancy anniversary party, could this actually be his way of setting a trap that Jordan can’t resist?

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Jordan will indeed crash the upcoming bash, so stay tuned!

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