The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nikki’s strategy to expose Jordan – Victoria’s tearful admission

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Monday, April 8th, detail Ashley Abbott’s visit to the athletic club, where her alter ego “Ash” takes control.

As “Ash” heads to the bar, she orders a martini but struggles to drink it due to her distaste for it.

Audra Charles will decide not to join Tucker McCall in the shower since she’ll still be deep in thought over his recent marriage proposal.

Once Audra heads down the dining area, “Ash” will get her attention and seem frantic about needing to warn Tucker ASAP.

After “Ash” talks about someone wanting to hurt Tucker badly to protect Ashley, Audra will seem baffled.

It’ll lead to Audra thinking Tucker might be right about Ashley’s mental illness, but “Ms. Abbott” will regain control and pretend she was just saying things she didn’t mean while tipsy.

Tucker will come out of the shower and realize Audra is gone, so he’ll head downstairs to look for her.

Once Tucker finds Audra and “Ms. Abbott” in a tense discussion at the bar, he’ll realize something’s up and will quiz Audra about the situation.

“Ms. Abbott” will act like Audra is overreacting before she exits, but Audra will fill Tucker in on Ashley’s strange behavior and ultimately join his camp of thinking something may be wrong.

After “Ms. Abbott” heads up to a suite, she’ll sit in the dark and focus on going inside Ashley’s mind.

Once that happens, Ashley will be sitting on a bed in the middle of a white room with “Ash” asleep beside her.

“Ms. Abbott” will appear on the other side of Ashley and call “Ash” a brat as she tries to awaken her.

This will be “Ms. Abbott’s” way of trying to get a grip on the other alter since she keeps messing things up.

At Society, Chance Chancellor will give Summer Newman updates on Lily Winters kicking Daniel Romalotti Jr. and Heather Stevens to the curb.

Once Summer leaves Daniel a message over the news, she’ll visit the GCAC with Chance and head to a suite.

After Summer rubs Chance’s back, they’ll get passionate and discuss Summer’s concerns about Claire Grace.

At the tack house, Victoria Newman will break down in tears as it finally hits her what she lost in that fire.

Claire will console Victoria over what Jordan took from her and will get Victoria to share some stories about her old place.

Victoria will assure Claire that she can pick any room she wants and will hand over a key, so Claire will beam over finally having a home with her family.

It’ll seem like it comforts Victoria to see Claire settling in so nicely.

At the ranch, Nikki Newman will explain why she no longer wants to take an anniversary trip with Victor Newman – at least not right now.

After Nikki insists she doesn’t want to let Jordan emerge victorious, she’ll point out that she doesn’t want Jordan to target Claire in their absence either.

Nikki will think the best solution is to turn their first anniversary party into an epic event that Jordan simply can’t miss.

The plan will be for security to grab Jordan before she ever has a chance to ruin the soiree, so Nikki will offer a prediction on the ultimate celebration.

Although Victor will initially try to talk Nikki out of the idea, he’ll eventually surrender and hint that he might’ve had something in the works already.

Nikki will also sneak more vodka when Victor isn’t looking on Monday’s The Young and the Restless episode, so her sobriety struggles will continue.

Once Victoria and Claire show up, they’ll find out the trip’s been postponed.

However, Nikki will insist they’re moving full-speed ahead on the anniversary extravaganza that’ll hopefully draw Jordan out of hiding.

Since the anniversary party will be held at the jazz lounge, Victoria will plan to take Claire over there and let her see the venue.

After Nikki accepts Victoria’s invitation to join them, Victor will pipe up about Cole Howard perhaps going, too.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Nikki will keep struggling with temptation in another moment alone, so stay tuned to the CBS soap.

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