The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Summer catches Kyle kissing Claire – Their first kiss sparks fury in the audience

In the upcoming weeks, Kyle Abbott will further bond with Claire Grace.

Having heard Claire’s perspective on Jordan’s manipulation, Kyle feels a growing sense of compassion and admiration for her.

There’s a good chance Claire will end up saving Harrison Abbott from Jordan in the not-too-distant future.

Claire may ride to the rescue and make sure Harrison is reunited with his parents if a kidnapping fiasco happens.

That could help Claire form a real connection with Kyle, but what about Summer Newman?

Summer could potentially hold Claire responsible if Harrison gets pulled into Jordan’s dangerous situation.

Whatever the case, Summer has major issues with Claire and may not be getting over them anytime soon.

The closer Claire and Kyle get, the more troubled Summer may become over their growing bond.

Our predictions have been pointing to a romance between Kyle and Claire for quite a while now.

It looks like the show’s finally ready to get the ball rolling on pairing Claire and Kyle up.

With that in mind, Kyle and Claire will surely share their first kiss sooner or later.

That could be a sweet moment that serves as a turning point in this new The Young and the Restless relationship.

For Summer, on the other hand, it could serve as a serious warning sign about Claire’s progress with Kyle!

Summer could easily spy Kyle kissing Claire and flip out over her ex-husband’s new woman.

Since Summer doesn’t trust Claire, she certainly won’t want to see her cousin pulling the wool over Kyle’s eyes.

Jealousy could fuel Summer on some level, but she may also remain genuinely concerned over Claire’s sinister side bubbling back up.

Kyle and Claire’s budding romance probably won’t go over well any way you slice it – particularly since it’ll keep Claire in Harrison’s orbit.

Regardless, The Young and the Restless spoilers say Claire and Kyle’s first kiss should be coming up eventually, so stick with us for updates on whether Summer will spy it or learn the news another way.

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