The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Tucker insists on getting a psychologist for Ashley – Audra seeks employment

Tuesday’s The Young and the Restless spoilers recap shows Christine Blair and Danny Romalotti hastily dressing before rushing downstairs to evacuate due to a fire alarm.

Phyllis Summers will claim she was just having some breakfast when the alarm went off and will pretend she’s just now realizing the lovebirds were interrupted in bed together.

Christine will accuse Phyllis of following her upstairs and will eventually notice that Phyllis’ finger is bleeding.

After pointing out that pulling a fire alarm when it’s not an emergency is a felony, Christine will remind Phyllis that she’s on probation.

If they checked the fire alarm upstairs, Christine will assume they would find Phyllis’ blood or fingerprints.

Phyllis will act like that’s outrageous and will think it’s a good thing Christine is no longer the DA.

Christine will argue that she could still file a report as a concerned citizen, but Danny will insist no one is calling the cops.

That said, Danny will make it clear that he invited Christine on tour with him and that Phyllis’ obsession needs to end.

Afterward on Tuesday’s The Young and the Restless episode, Danny will get back to his passionate rendezvous with Christine, so they’ll eventually declare their love for each other in bed.

As for Phyllis, she’ll get a glass of Champagne at the bar and act like she’s ready to celebrate.

Phyllis will claim both Danny and Christine are wiped from her life before adding that she doesn’t care what they do.

However, the look on Phyllis’ face will tell a different story!

At Society, Audra Charles will find Sally Spectra and vent about Tucker McCall now that she’s done fighting for their relationship.

Audra will offer updates on Tucker’s latest excuse to fixate on Ashley Abbott, so Sally will be surprised over Tucker claiming Ashley has psychological issues.

Audra will act like Ashley’s either faking it or Tucker is indeed using this as an excuse to keep Ashley in his life.

Either way, Audra will insist she’s done with Tucker.

Afterward, Adam Newman will give Sally the news about disagreeing with Chelsea Lawson on Connor Newman’s residential treatment plan.

Adam won’t see what’s wrong with getting a second opinion and will act like this is all happening so fast.

Sally will suspect that maybe Adam’s having a hard time accepting Connor’s disorder and will gently push him to keep the focus on Connor, not his own feelings.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack Abbott will find Ashley laughing as she binge-watches a sitcom and munches on popcorn.

When Jack asks what’s going on, Ashley will act like she just needed to relax.

When Jack finds Ashley’s behavior erratic, she’ll rant about needing a vacation from her family and will stop off.

Soon after, the sassier version of Ashley will insist “Ash” isn’t strong enough for this and will ultimately take over for another personality swap.

Ashley will find Jack and Traci Abbott talking about her behind her back, so she’ll lash out over them analyzing her and will insist she’s fine before marching out the door.

Although Jack will think maybe it’s time to give up and let Ashley handle this, Traci’s instincts will be telling her not to let this go.

There’ll be concerns about Ashley’s problems being deeper than just what’s been going on with Tucker.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Tucker will leave Ashley a voicemail about her wanting to fix things one minute and never wanting to see him again the next.

It’ll leave Tucker worried, so he’ll hope Ashley will agree to meet in person soon.

When Audra appears, Tucker will want to discuss where they stand when it comes to Glissade.

Audra will think she was clear about her answer, but Tucker will make another pitch for them to be together.

Tucker will point out that Audra can’t expect him to stop caring about Ashley and will compare it to Audra’s feelings for Noah Newman.

Since Tucker will feel like something is seriously wrong, he’ll feel obligated to help Ashley if he can.

Audra won’t be persuaded, so she’ll confirm that she’s done with Tucker both personally, professionally.

When Tucker tries to grab Audra’s arm to stop her from leaving, she’ll warn him not to touch her.

Nate Hastings will arrive and push Tucker to stop harassing Audra, who’ll invite Nate for a cup of coffee.

Once they sit down with their beverages, Audra will assure Nate that she’s completely done with Tucker.

Nate will wonder if Audra has anything lined up in terms of a new job, but she’ll insist she’s a survivor and that she’ll come up with something.

After Ashley texts Tucker and meets him at Society, he’ll confront her about being so hot and cold with him.

Ashley will suggest Tucker loves a good game of cat and mouse, but he won’t think that’s what’s going on here.

Tucker will feel like Ashley needs to see a psychologist, but she’ll contend that she already got advice from a psychologist friend in Paris – and he thought she was fine.

That won’t be good enough for Tucker, who’ll offer to go with Ashley to see a professional in Genoa City.

If Tucker is wrong about Ashley’s issues, he’ll suggest he can eat crow.

Regardless of whether Ashley goes now or later, Tucker will refuse to give up until Ashley has seen someone.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Tucker will keep searching for the truth, so stick with us for more predictions on Ashley’s mental state.

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