The Young And The Restless Spoilers: Tucker’s UNEXPECTED marriage proposal to Audra?

“The Young and The Restless” spoilers reveal Tucker’s determination to demonstrate that Audra is his true love.

Tucker plans to go above and beyond to show his affection for Audra and to solidify their future together, regardless of her current stance.

He intends to confront Audra with a fervent plea for another chance, acknowledging her skepticism about giving him one and stating he wouldn’t blame her if she chose to walk away.

However, Tucker will also express his inability to let Audra go, questioning what actions he must undertake to prove his disentanglement from Ashley.

Tucker promises to confess his love to Audra alone after reassuring her that he would let Ashley and her family handle her seeming mental health problems.

There will be another encounter with Ashley in Tucker’s apartment after Audra gives Tucker a kiss in return for her love declaration.

Tucker’s UNEXPECTED marriage proposal to Audra?

Because Ashley is an unexpected guest, Audra won’t be happy, but Tucker will vehemently eject Ashley and continue to show his love for her.

Tucker will then take an action that demonstrates how he has evolved and what he now desires.

Maybe later on, Tucker will drop to one knee and ask the big question. Tucker may make the request for quick wedding arrangements and ask Audra to marry him.

If there was a proposal in the works, Audra may accept Tucker’s, but would that be a grave error? Rebounding from a setback and in dire need of a victory, Tucker teamed up with Audra.

Tucker is more motivated by a fear of losing Audra and being alone in certain situations.

Tucker’s ideal partner may not be Audra, but she is more equipped to manage him since she is aware of the way his mind functions.

If Audra goes away, Tucker will be alone—or at least sane since Ashley is going crazy!

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