Young and the Restless Predictions: Is Ashley being committed to a psychiatric facility?

Predictions for Young and the Restless suggest Ashley Abbott could be headed for a psychiatric hospital soon.

Her alternate personalities are becoming increasingly unmanageable, leading to speculation that her family will intervene shortly on the CBS soap opera.

Ashley Abbott Struggles with Intense Battle on Young and the Restless

Recently, on Y&R, Ashley began to struggle. It all started when she and her now ex-husband, Tucker , were on their honeymoon in Paris after their most recent marriage.

Everything rapidly went downhill for them in Paris when they got into a huge fight.

Tucker came home to Genoa City, and Ashley stayed behind in Paris and eventually filed for divorce.

Once she came home, things were extremely tense between her and Tucker. She wanted to keep her distance but at the same time, she couldn’t stay away from him.

Then, the first sign that something was off with her was when she began accusing Tucker of doing things in Paris that he didn’t do.

Not long ago, on Young and the Restless, Ashley and her sister, Traci Abbott (Beth Maitland), flew back to Paris.

They questioned the staff at the bistro where she swears Tucker was violent and hostile. They all backed up Tucker’s story, which made Ashley (and Traci) question her sanity.

Then, things got worse when she started hearing voices in her head.

No doubt, it seemed like she was suffering from Disassociative Identity Disorder on Young and the Restless. And, indeed, that is the case because now it’s clear that Ashley has alters. There are different versions of herself that go by different names.

And, now, they are taking over her. Things are getting worse because she’s losing chunks of time and she can’t remember where she was or what she did. And now, she’s starting to worry those around her.

People Worrying on Y&R

Currently, on Young and the Restless, more and more people are starting to notice the changes in Ashley. Tucker was the first to notice something was up with her because their accounts of Paris were so different.

But, now, Traci is fearful for her sister. Plus, even Audra thinks something isn’t right and is completely spooked by Ashley’s recent behavior. This week on Young and the Restless, Traci calls a family meeting.

But when her brother, Jack arrives Ashley their sister is nowhere to be found. Later, Jack places a frantic call to psychiatrist Sharon . And Sharon’s assessment of Ashley may cause the Abbotts to take drastic measures.


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