Young and the Restless Weekly Spoilers: Daniel stands his ground.

Young and the Restless weekly spoilers reveal Daniel Romalotti struggling to cling to his aspirations in the week of April 8-12, 2024.

In the meantime, one character faces a downward spiral, while another executes a perilous scheme on Y&R. Dive into the freshest spoilers for the upcoming week on the CBS soap opera.

Daniel Romalotti Approachs Lily

Next week, on Y&R, Daniel comes face-to-face with Lily at Chancellor-Winters. Spoilers confirm Daniel asks his ex for another chance.

But, most likely, he means professionally, not romantically. Clearly, he wants to rebuild the life he had with Heather.

And it’s doubtful that Lily would ever take him back after he cheated on her. But, the second chance Daniel is referring to likely involves work.

He may ask her to reconsider firing him from CW on Young and the Restless. His video game, Princess Louisa, is very important to him.

And he doesn’t want to let it go. But Lily is still angry and she tells him that the game served its purpose and now it’s hers. So, if she won’t reconsider, it looks like Daniel is going to proceed with the lawsuit he and Heather are filing against Lily.

Ashley Abbott Struggles on Y&R

Also, on Young and the Restless, Ashley continues to raise eyebrows. Next week, one of her alters, Ash, is in control. And she has an encounter with Audra. Indeed, Audra can tell something is off with Ashley.

Then, Tucker shows up and asks what’s going on right as another one of Ashley’s alters takes over.

So, soon, both Tucker and Audra think Ashley needs professional help. Later, Tucker is an a difficult situation and Ashley fights against her alters.

After that, Ashley’s family bands together to help her. Then, Jack places a frantic phone call to Sharon. No doubt, he’s in need of her psychiatry expertise regarding Ashley.

Later, Ashley struggles as she finds herself in unfamiliar territory. So, the Abbotts ay have Ashley committed to a psychiatric facility to have her evaluated. Meanwhile, Summer stands up to her ex-husband, Kyle.

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