Y&R Recap: Ashley’s Memory of Drinks with Alan Worries Him, Audra Demands Full Control of Glissade, and Sally Confides in Nick About Her Business Failure

Mon June 3, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Sally informs Nick about her new job, Tucker keeps canceling Audra’s meetings, and Ashley is determined to remember tonight.

Friday’s recap: Victor Dismisses Michael, Summer Brings Sally on Board, and Diane Shares Her Secrets with Michael

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on June 3. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Nick meets Sally at Society, where they engage in some awkward small talk about Jordan.


He notices she’s nervous, and she admits this will be a difficult conversation.

She has both good and bad news.

Spectra explains that Summer wants her to fill in for Chelsea at Marchetti.

This surprises him, but he’s proud of all of them. He guesses the bad news is about her design company.


She tried to keep it going but they could never find their footing.

She promises to pay him back but he says that’s unnecessary.

Sometimes investments fail. She feels like she’s letting him down.

He repeats she’s not at fault. Businesses fail.

She claims she gave it all she had so he doesn’t blame her and urges her to focus on Marchetti.

Sally thinks he’s amazing. “That’s kind of the rumor,” he jokes.


Spectra says most exes would not be so generous. He asks why his daughter agreed to take her on.

She let Summer get some things off her chest, including how she treated him. She’s just thankful for the chance.


He’d wish her luck but doesn’t think she needs it and promises to always be in her corner.

They hug and he takes off.


In his suite in Paris, Tucker gets his underling to call and cancel appointments that Audra has been making.


Looking out the window, he says, “Game on Audra.” He calls a meeting to have Audra removed completely.

He flashes back to bumping into “Alan,” who didn’t recognize him.


He tells his underling about his run-in with the guy and how confusing it was. He needs to take a walk and leaves.

In her suite, Audra is talking to her clothes until Mr. Lamaire calls. She’s startled when he cancels their meeting,


Getting off the phone, Audra vows that Tucker will not get away with this and is underestimating her again.

She makes a bunch more calls and keeps discovering that everyone is cancelling. Finally, she tells one person that she will be taking over as CEO after McCall is forced to step down.

Sally calls and informs her that she is the new interim creative director of Marchetti.


Audra is thrilled for her and sure she will be running that place soon.

They talk about how things are going in Paris. Audra refuses to let Tucker erase her from the company.


She says she still has some leverage on the board and exploit the fact that she’s the one the company heads know.

Back at Society, Sally bumps into Chloe. Things are awkward.


Sally explains she sis starting at Marchetti and plans to find a way to bring her in.

She needs her and misses her. She can’t do this without her bestfriend.


Chloe says it hurts to close their business even if she knows it’s the right thing to do. She’s sorry for taking that out on her.

Sally is sorry too. She tells her good friends are forever and they hug.


Chloe still thinks she’s being optimistic if she thinks Summer will let her come back. Her friend points out she’s already back.

Sally thinks they can bring her back as long as she’s all-in. She sends Summer a text.


When she gets on the elevator, Audra bumps into Tucker and accuses him of keeping tabs on her.


He reminds her she keeps putting herself in his orbit.

She accuses him of pushing her out and he points out she has no rights.

She reminds him she knows his dirty laundry and threatens to expose him to the board, telling them he plans to break all their businesses down and sell them off.

He stops the elevator and asks what it will take to make her back off. He offers to buy her out.


She just wants to win and him to lose. He warns she could walk away with nothing.

“I want Glissade. I want it all!” she declares. She knows it won’t be easy but she wants this more than him.

He doesn’t think she knows what he wants. He tells her how much he loves her and reminds her that he turned Ashley away repeatedly.


Audra still thinks he was only trying to reboot Glissade to impress Ashley.

She thinks he should just let her have the company, starts up the elevator, and storms off, declaring she doesn’t need him.


At Ashley’s apartment, Ashley is upset when he explains that she could not have met with him after her fight with Tucker.


They try to piece together what happened. She called him from a bar and says they got together that night.

Ashley gets frustrated and upset and Traci tries to calm her down, insisting they can’t quit now.


Alan thinks if they could recapture her memories of that night, that could be the key to everything.

She thinks she can find the bar and wants to do it now. He thinks she needs to rest.

When Ashely accuses him of trying to talk her out of this, he insists he has no agenda. She stomps off to make coffee.


Traci asks Alan what he’s thinking. He admits the blackouts may have started earlier than he thought.

She wonders what happened to her that could have shaken her up too much.


Ashley returns and tries to piece together what happened. What changed that made her re-imagine her fight with Tucker?

She promises that she is herself right now and closer than ever to getting the answers. Alan looks nervous.


After they leave, Tucker knocks on the door. When there is no answer, he calls and leaves a message to say he’s in Paris and ran into Alan, who treated him like a total stranger.


He hopes things are working out for her.

Traci, Ashley, and Alan go to some bars.

By the fifth one, she recognizes it and where they sat.


She flashes back to meeting him in the same clothes she was wearing earlier.

She filled him in and they drank wine.


After that, it’s a blank. He suggests they sit.

She guesses something is going on with him and so does Traci.


He admits that he has never been in this bar in his life.


Nick walks into the Newman ranch to check on everyone.

Victor explains that Nikki is at a session.


He fills him in on the facility Jordan is in and how she will never get out.

He’s a little worried about Adam and Connor.

They talk about how awful that situation is but Victor is proud of the progress his son has made.

Nick has been impressed too.

His dad worries that his other son might be crushed and lead back into darkness.


Nick thinks that this will actually make Adam stronger.

He gives Sally credit for making his brother have some perspective.

Victor won’t give her any credit, but it warms his heart to see the brothers are getting along.

If the family stands together, they can conquer anything.


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