Y&R Recap: Audra is floored when Tucker pops the question, Ashley confides in Traci about her memory lapses, and Jordan, incognito as a guy, needles Nikki.

Wed April 3, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Tucker attempts a conversation with Devon, Nikki expresses her concerns about the trip to Jack while Jordan secretly listens in, and Jack advises Traci that they ought to allow their sister some room.

Tuesday’s recap: Billy backs Daniel and Heather’s legal battle against Lily — & Cole and Victoria nearly lock lips.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on April 3. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At the GCAC, in Audra’s suite, Tucker wakes up and begins checking his messages.

He then reflects on the most recent argument he had with Ashley.


He dresses and pens a note, which he leaves by the bed before making his exit.


Tucker bumps into Lily in the foyer and asks after her daughter.


She doesn’t think they have much to say to each other since her brother cut him out of his life.

He asks how his son is doing but she’s keeping mum.


He can understand her suspicions but keeping his distance is hurting him and he misses Dom.

She tells him he has no one to blame but himself and she doesn’t think this can be undone.

After she walks off, Devon enters and blanks him.


When he returns, Tucker tries to talk to him and tells him he knows about the harm he has caused, but does he really think that he is beyond all hope?


Devon says they have never been a family and accuses him of crossing all the lines he’s drawn.

He says that he’s alone because he keeps sabotaging the things he claims matter to him.


He walks off.

Devon and his sister sit at a table and talk about Tucker.

He assures her that his father is not getting to him.


He’s messed up every chance he’s given him and it’s okay.

She tells him it’s okay to be sad and disappointed about that.

Admitting it matters doesn’t mean Tucker has won.


He can hear what she’s saying but he can’t miss what he never had.

He’s never been able to rely on Tucker.

It’s all about McCall using people and he doesn’t act like a real father.

Neil is the only father he’ll ever need.


His sister thinks there’s more to his feelings than he’s admitting.

She changes the subject to Billy.

Devon says he’s frustrating and there’s no reason for him to be at the company now that she’s back.

Lily thinks he does have a purpose and place there now.


Back in the suite, Audra wakes up and reads the note.


It says she is beautiful and what an idiot he was not to realize how wonderful she is. She smiles.

Once she gets dressed, he returns and she tells him his note was sweet.


He says he had a mysterious errand to run.

She asks for a hint but he won’t give away the surprise.


Tucker leads Audra down to the jazz lounge.

He has the whole place reserved for them alone and announces he’s brought Paris to them.


She’s stunned and tells him what a romantic he is.

They kiss and sit down to a table.


He toasts to her and tells her how much she means to him and has meant.

For the longest time, he didn’t admit it.

But she’s been his confidante and the one who has kept him on his toes.


He doesn’t think he realized how much he needs her and loves her.

She may not want anyone to know how sweet she is but he knows and marvels at her.

Being close to her makes him feel like he’s where he’s supposed to be.


He’s spent his life trying not to be vulnerable, but he is.

He pulls out a ring and proposes.


Her mouth hangs open.


At the Abbott estate, Traci asks Jack if he’s seen their sister.

He hasn’t.

She tells him Ashley didn’t come home again last night.

He’s sure she had her reasons and they are none of their business.

Traci says this isn’t about being nosy.


Jack wants to respect her boundaries.

His sister is sure something is wrong and he’s in denial.

He declares that he is done policing Ashley’s behavior.

He’s come to the realization that his sister can live her own life without his interference.


Traci would agree if Tucker wasn’t still around.

Her brother suggests they take a step back and recognize that McCall is not as strong as they think.

She’s not talking about the corporate world.

He thinks they need to take their sister at her word and believe she is done with him.


Traci would like to believe that but can’t.

Jack worries their sister will tune them out of they try to pressure her.

They can only be there for her, not be her keeper.

He urges her not to let this be a burden.

They love having her there and it’s a good reminder of how strong they can be if they are united.


Choking up, Traci says they don’t seem so united.

Jack says they will be there for Ashley when she asks for help.

He thinks they should give her space.


As soon as he leaves, she calls the GCAC to see if her sister is there.

Ashley walks in, looking disheveled.

When her sister asks where she was, Ashley says she doesn’t know.


She kind of remembers running away from Tucker’s suite.

She wasn’t drinking but she’s not sure of anything.

She woke up in a motel this morning.

It sounds like she was drugged to her sister.


Ashley insists that wasn’t it.

It’s not the first time it’s happened.

They sit down and Traci checks her over, asking if she was assaulted.

She wasn’t.


It’s hard for her sister to explain her memory lapses.

She’ll suddenly end up on the other side of town and there’s dead zone in her mind out of reach.

Traci is sure this is terrifying and promises they can figure out how to stop this.

Ashley doesn’t think anyone can help and she’s afraid something horrible will happen.


Traci thinks they need to get her to a doctor to see if there is a physical reason for all this.

Then they might have to consider a mental health professional.


This isn’t safe and they need to cover every base.

When Ashley sends her off to get water, the alter in her head tells her they aren’t safe and have to do something.


When her sister hands her some water, Ashley tells her not to tell anyone about this, especially bossy Jack and makes her pinky swear on it.


Declaring she needs a bubble bath, she runs off.

Tessa welcomes Nikki when she arrives at Society.

Tessa shows her to a table and they talk about her move.


It’s all pretty exciting.

As they chat about the tack house, disguised Jordan wanders past them and sits at the bar.


She eavesdrops as Tessa tells Nikki how brave she is and how much she hopes her nightmare is over soon.

Nikki stares across the room at the vodka bottle.


Jack joins Nikki at her table and she tells him about her ambivalence about going on a trip with Victor.

She doesn’t want to be away from jack’s support and be faced with the temptation to drink.

He thinks a trip to relax is exactly what she needs.


Jordan listens and then gives instructions to the bartender.

Jack urges Nikki to go on the trip and have a good time, even if it’s with Victor.

She thanks him. She’s not sure she could have survived this ordeal without him.


He says seeing her sober is enough thanks to him.

The bartender delvers her a drink from the man at the bar.

She looks over. The man is gone.

The drink is triple distilled vodka. Nikki orders him to take it away.


Jack talks to her bodyguard, who goes off to search for the man.

The bartender says he’s never seen the man before, Nikki worries Jordan has an accomplice.

She can’t take this any more and needs to get away.


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